Monday, February 27, 2012

Governor's Final Remarks

The following were my final remarks as Governor of the Ohio District of Circle K International, read February 25th 2012 in Columbus, Ohio at the Embassy Suites - Airport during the Awards Banquet.


"Little did I know 6 years ago, still in High School and a member of Students of Service (or S.O.S.) because my school did not have a Key Club, that this Circle K thing my University of Akron friend would tell me about would be one of the most life-shaping aspects of my life.

Little did I know a year later, when I decided to attend Akron and was coerced into attending my first Circle K meeting, that my experience would consist of so very much more than just an occasional weekend service project between my classes and bustling social life.

Little did I know attending my first DCON in 2008 in Akron, that this warm group of friends who just liked to help the community and have fun were actually only a small part of an international association of friends, with an intricate leadership training program and international travel opportunities.

Little did I know a year ago, that I would be taking on the reigns to our state, volunteering for the responsibility of ensuring our successes and answering for our failures, and responding to so, so many emails.

I think all of this shows that, first and foremost, I am not blessed with any particular gifts of foresight. But overall is a testament to the wonderful effect our organization can have on people. 6 years ago I was a shy, awkward High Schooler. At my first DCON, I did not want to talk to anyone not from my club because I was pretty antisocial. But in my past year as Governor, and since I have joined Circle K, I have spoken before Kiwanis and Key Club meetings and District Events, gained what I would like to think is a talent for networking, and built the kind of leadership and social skill that I honestly wanted to come out of college with.

Thank you Circle K for so much, we all know there are stressful times in our experiences, but what fantastic life changing thing does not have stress? That doesn’t keep people from auditioning for acting roles, studying for years to be a doctor, or running for President of the United States. And honestly, the fun I have had has far outweighed anything I could complain about.

Thank you Circle K, as an Education major that loves the Beautiful state of Ohio, especially our “suspenseful” and at times comical weather, I want to live here my entire life. But teaching jobs are kind of hard to come by in our economy. I am currently student teaching at a High School in the Medina area, 10th grade American History, and because of Circle K – I made an effort to visit the schools Key Club.

They are a ragtag bunch, that could probably use a bit more organization, a bit more leadership training, but their adviser is only part time/retired faculty, and the school has not had success finding a staff member to advise them. Well, I was volunteered to be the “pseudo-adviser” because of my Circle K experience, and their Kiwanis adviser needing to go away on a trip.

I have since been told that between the school considering hiring only one position this upcoming year – in the History department, that my involvement with the Key Club is going to look especially fantastic when I go to apply.

So Thank you Circle K, for potentially against crazy odds, giving me a fighting chance to do what I love where I want to live. Thank you, Ohio.

Thank you Circle K, the members of Circle K, for all your hard work this year. The awards and trophies from tonight are based on forms and guidelines, but you all deserve recognition for your hard work.

Thank you to my District Board this past year: when I started, I had two members, and a dozen spots to fill, it was pretty intimidating but one by one you have all made me so proud. Alex, Angela, Kelsey, Kristen, Landon, Sam, Erin and Natalie: You have all grown in ways you may not see, but the way we worked together as a team a year ago and the way worked together to make this Convention a success are dramatically different. I hope you are proud of the work you have done, and remember your time in Circle K as fondly as I will remember having worked with you.

Thank you Sarah R, Jennifer D, Dan and Stephanie L, Jason S, Chad G and Walt M. While we may have spent the better part of the last year whining about your keeping on our backs about getting things done, on time, and prepared for professionally: you are largely the reason that our District has continued to operate successfully this year, and I think I speak for the entire board with wanting to express our gratitude.

Ohio District, it has been a blast: please spend the rest of your time with us having as much fun as possible, you earned it. I like to think of DCON as the “prom” of the Circle K year, even more appropriate as I look forward to graduation just around the corner.

With that I conclude my final remarks, because honestly, while typing this speech I needed to work on a 100 question history test my students will be taking on Monday."

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