Sunday, February 19, 2012

Andrew's Malibu Dream House

Let's call it "the valley of unproductivity" - the number of blogs I write usually decreases the more busy I am, until I hit this one spot, where I post more than usual, haha. That is where I am now. Today's topic, despite the mountaining school and CKI work I need to complete? My Dream House.

"Barbie's Dream House: Hoarders Edition." Yes, this is a modern art project of "Modern Barbie" house if she was a hoarder!

Googling things about Barbie's Dream house I found this really entertaining -- this Barbie's house if she was a hoarder art project. But there are two reasons for today's topic: one, I am watching Ghost Adventures - my favorite paranormal investigation show and they are inside the "Sarah Winchester House" - a house where the widow continually built on to the house (Rose Red-style) at the recommendation of spirits, so as to confuse them (or something.) Well, rather than finish my homework, I thought I'd list what I want in my dream house if I was super rich and could build whatever I wanted!

Well, exteriorly, my dream house will be Victorian-style, like the Charmed and Sabrina houses combined with James Garfield's house in Mentor, not unlike the Sarah Winchester house pictured above. Anyone who knows me knows that any dream home of mine certainly won't be in Malibu, but somewhere in North East Ohio. Likely Cuyahoga or Summit county.

Internally, I'd like something that combines the floorplan of the game Clue, with all of my random interests. Lately I've liked the idea of a "Mall Wing" -- which has a Starbucks, complete with Starbucks fixtures and looks-like-you-could-buy them products. Then there's the "American Eagle Room" - which should probably be located relatively near my Master bedroom so I could get dressed right out of the shower, haha. This room would have my clothes stored like it was a storefront. Hm, not sure what else exactly I would add at this point - but a mall is perfect, the opportunities are endless! If I wanted a place to store my extra furniture, I could have a furniture store, lol. Maybe a Movie Theater would be in this wing. I could have an FYE with all my DVDs and CDs.

Lets see, I want a Lara Croft: Tomb Raider style garage for my fleet of cars (this is all, clearly, on the presumption that I have somehow managed to get rich obviously.) In fact, I think several factors of the Croft Manor should be incorporated - the practice relic-tomb thing, the machine room, and then of course a giant entry way I can "bungee ballet" around on the ceiling, that looks like fun!

 Quote of the Day: Driving back from Fairlawn with Patsy this afternoon,

"You're like a little kid. Most people get old and settle for "I would appreciate a nice coffee table." You're like "I want a Starbucks, and an Ice Rink..."

Song of the Day: "Heartbeat" by Childish Gambino. So I pretty much like this song, but don't really get the video, lol. The video's not all that creative, Lady Gaga has kinda ruined the curve, sorry pop music. Childish Gambino, though, is apparently "the black guy from NBC's Community" (Donald Glover.) Fun facts of Donald Glover: he was a writer for the first 3 seasons of 30 Rock, hired RIGHT out of college! His first week he still had his "RA pager" - haha.

Video of the Day: Bahahha, I don't know how I got onto the topic of Donald Glover, but here is a video from Community I think? He's talking to LeVar Burton! AHhh! I love LeVar Burton! I have his autograph, as a matter of fact. Then the Community character has a little freak out session, lol, don't really understand what's going on or the context, but kind of entertaining.

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