Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So Many White Women, So Little Time.

So my day has been jumping whiplash-style from awful to awesome. My morning went well, I got up early to get a haircut, workout with Aubree from ASG (who, as a former ROTC member, had an intense workout routine!) Also went to American Eagle to get a new hoodie I wanted, but they took over half an hour in the back looking for it. I'm glad they were able to find it, and they were generally pretty nice about it, except I was kinda left just wandering around. But in the end I paid 10$ less than I was hoping, and 20$ less than I was expecting!

Anyway, did a bunch of ASG stuff, Circle K meeting which I was just annoyed with everyone at because I had to defend their behavior to Wooster which I really wasn't expecting to have to do, but then got Starbucks with Patsy and all was better because of an awesome phone call I had making political connections!

The rest of my night was spent relaxing, catching up on the DVDs I've been meaning to watch, and finally going back and watching The West Wing! Oh, how I miss this show. That's what I imagine politics to be, and what I want to do: fast walk and talks, clever banter, and comically historic references that 5% of people understand. Speaking of references, when I put the DVD in -- the file briefly flashed "So many white women, so little time..." and I thought "Um, is that the first chapter of the first episode? That seems a bit odd."

Only to google and find that it has nothing to do at all with The West Wing, and is in fact the title of a porn video -- and others on the internet have discovered this odd "easter egg" so to speak in the WW DVDs.

Video of the Day: Apparently LMFAO and the Kia Soul had some kind of shuffle-off competition, and a person won and to declare the winner they made this video with a light show on a house. Here is a different video from a person watching them film it. Pretty cool!

New Story of the Day: "Girl Blames DUI on Twilight."

Ugh, "Police in Illinois arrested an "extremely upset" 18-year-old girl on Saturday after she told authorities that she crashed her car because her boyfriend did not take her to see the new Twilight movie."

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