Sunday, November 27, 2011

Is this Real Life?

I cannot even describe the day I just had: except it is exactly the kind of day I love having! Started hanging out with Patsy most of the day, and ended meeting up with people from my internship for a night out in Stow and playing some Wii until 2 in the morning! Fantastic times, like no other.

Started my day getting lunch with Patsy at Max & Irma's, which I'd never been to. And wouldn't cha know: Sam was our host, but not waitress; she's our friend that works there that always talk about waitressing there. The food was delicious, and I certainly plan to return sometime soon! I got this delicious steak, in fact mmmmm, I am in the mood for steak.

This is not what it looked like at all, but now I'm hungry.

Patsy and I shopped, my second favorite thing, for a while at Summit Mall before going to the Tree Festival at the Knight Convention Center downtown: that was awesome! Bought more clothes than I needed too, of course. And the Tree Festival thing was so cool, we are eager to enter our own Christmas tree's next year. Some suggestions we're working on for themes include: "Don We Now Our Gay Apparel", "A Lady Gaga Christmas",...and I don't even remember the other ones, haha.

After that, it was already dark, but I got a wonderful phone call from campaign folks asking to join their night out and I absolutely took them up on that offer! I loved this internship so much, in a hectic time in my life, it was seriously one of the most happy-making parts of my life these past couples months.

Word of the Day: (I don't know if this is a thing I do already or not? But go with it.) "Granola."  Apparently, a subculture that may have evolved in part into the modern day Hipsters.
"An adjective used to describe people who are environmentally aware (flower child, tree-hugger), open-minded, left-winged, socially aware and active, queer or queer-positive, anti-oppressive/discriminatory (racial, sexual, gender, class, age, etc.) with an organic and natural emphasis on living, who will usually refrain from consuming or using anything containing animals and animal by-products (for health and/or environmental reasons), as well as limit consumption of what he or she does consume, as granola people are usually concerned about wasting resources. Usually buy only fair-trade goods and refrain from buying from large corporations, as most exploit the environment as well as their workers, which goes against granola core values."
Steak and a tree hugger in the same blog? Ironic.

Website of the Day: Poké (Okay, that's not their actual address -- but the information there will be entertaining none the less!) Tons and Tons of memes about Pokémon! lol

Upcoming Movie of the Day: Well, I just saw the Muppet Movie the other day and let me tell you nothin in the opening credits seemed all that appealing. (I don't plan to see Chipmunks 2: Chipwrecked in theaters, in fact I haven't even rented the first one yet.) But today, via Youtube's ads they make you watch before you can watch some movies -- they advertised "The Devil Inside" -- Your run of the mill exorcism movie.

I'm sorry, but all exorcism movies look exactly the same, and then I think "Maybe this one will be different" then it's not -- THEY'RE ALL EXACTLY THE SAME! Except for the Exorcism of Emily Rose -- which wasn't so much the same as all the other exorcism movies, as it just wasn't an exorcism movie and was an episode of Law & Order. Anyway, this may be upcoming movie of the day, but they're going to have to do a bit more convincing to make me see it at full price at the theater.

Song of the Day: "The Story of Us" by Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is not all that awful, most of her country-y songs are really just poppy. But this song is interesting, I don't remember what I was watching but Youtube recommended I might like this so I tried it - and it's about Taylor at a prep school with this guy she's no longer with. Apparently their relationship went sour (no, I did not seek this out based on any situations that may resemble my life) well: I'll let you watch the video and make your own entertainment assessments, but I think it's pretty good. The Story of Us looks a lot like a tragedy now...

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