Monday, November 14, 2011

Interests: Old People that Solve Mysteries!

Four and a quarter years ago, in August 2007 - a younger, bright-eyed Andrew moved to his first University dorm room as a freshman with the help of a friend, and one of the first things he discovered was that cable had more marathons than he had ever dreamed. The Hallmark Channel, in particular. I remember thinking it was the coolest thing that Murder, She Wrote was on all the time! In fact, the next day when I ate at Rob's cafeteria for hte first time (I think?) I remember the hilarious commercial featuring Angela Landsbury -- "On next is an episode of Diagnosis Murder, and then Nine More Hours of Murder, She Wrote!"

Almost 5 years later, and I am still spending the night watching Murder, She Wrote episodes! I mean, honestly, think of how many murders she's solved in the last 4 and a quarter years! (I'm sure they've aired like every episode something like 6 or 7+ times.) I've seen one particular episode at least 3 times since we moved into the condo.

I've said before, I'll say it again: I love old people that solve mysteries. I can only hope to be so clever, and spry in my old age as Doctor Mark Sloan, Father Dowling, Jessica Fletcher and the others which I don't actually watch like Matlock.

BAhahahaa, I just had a hilarious thought: What if all the old people who solve mysteries, now pretty old themselves actually, all lived in the same retirement home for some kind of cross over special? Then I imagined that if they all lived in that retirement home, they'd probably deal with people dying pretty often - and they'd all be running around senile investigating every retirement home death like it was a murder!

Website of the Day: Wow. This is a lot of random to take in at once, but the person who wrote the theme song for Friends ("I'll be there for you..."), well here's her blog, talking about an actual Murder, She Wrote board game from the mid-80s. My favorite line is "Although this illustration kind of looks like a (Paint-By-Number) Angela Lansbury it also looks like 3 trillion other women who didn’t start using skin cream early enough and have always kept their hair in a convenient and generic bob."

Quote of the Day: At the end of a 2000 Murder, She Wrote TV-movie (that aired earlier tonight), "Jessica Fletcher" had a very inspiring, almost Star Trek-ian/utopian view answering a reporter's question about why she continues to try to catch murderers after all she's seen since she started writing. She gave a clearly-meant-to-be-an-inspiring-monologue response, but that only takes away some of it's niceness:
"...but because I'm a romantic, I still believe that we have the potential to be nobler than we know and better than we think. That the darkness I've seen is only a shadow on the potential of the human heart... So I urge you to keep your hearts' compass on the true North of your dreams. Be free to be romantics, to reject cynicism, to believe that good will prevail, and that those who do wrong will be punished. Because when the hour of the wolf comes, as it comes to all of us sooner or later, those are the things that sustain us."

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