Thursday, September 1, 2011

"What's your badge number?"

I had the strangest dream last night, the night I got the most sleep all week!

It started here at the condo with mom and Sarah. The lights were weird, the walls dark and wood colored - it was night time, maybe raining, and there was this sense of "uh oh, something bad is happening" like a freak storm - but I don't think it was raining. It also had the sensation of being in like a 1930s noire train station, and I'm not sure how else to explain that. But for one reason or another, I go to check out my room -- and right as I turn around my doorway I see a giant crazy dog that jumps at me, bites the edge of my hand, but then lets go and I escape - shutting the door on him. I yell something along the lines of "Why and HOW is there a dog in my room!?" From there me and Sarah decide to leave and drive in the crazy weather, but mom does something and then tries to go into my room. And I yell at her "Hello, there's a crazy dog in there you'll get yourself killed!"

From there, it's suddenly daytime and I'm at this everglades-style park. Not sure exactly what it's a museum for, but apparently Brit, Sarah and Kenny went on ahead of me and I arrived late. So the tour guide lady is like "Follow me and I'll take you to them!" So suddenly we're crawling through a miniature version of the museum!? It's like just barely big enough to crawl through, but you can see miniature exhibits on both sides, kind of like being in a beavers dam. Well that being awkward, eventually I get through it, but then:

Kinda like this - only less cave, and more "Cleveland Museum of Natrual History."
 I'm like in a metropark, and walking a trail that parallels an abandoned train track. Parts of the train track have grass growing all over it, and you can see that it's abandoned -- but it's not! In the distance I can see one-car trains riding on them. And I think, "Well that's not safe." But then I encounter a handful of abandoned trains - but don't explore them cause I have to catch up with Sarah and them.

Which leads me to the museum/park? gift Shop! Where I finally meet up with Brit, Sarah and Kenny. It kind of seemed like a Sea World kind of place, or the Zoo, but there weren't really any animals in the park part of this adventure. The three of them go make a joke about something, and I get distracted by something for a second and they disappear.

So hiking back to the abandoned train part, I finally catch them by one that looks like Thomas the Tank Engine -- and they say they're done at the park, they're going to head home and meet me at the party tonight. I say okay, and decide to stop hurrying around and see a bunch of litter by the abandoned trains. So I start picking the pop tabs off the aluminum cans! Some walkers past judge me, and I am thinking "There should be a recycling bin right here..."

So now I'm on the road, going to a party, and eventually I realize a cop is driving behind me so I drive extra careful. It's night time, in a different version of downtown Akron - more a combination with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. And I make a turn to turn around, and the cop flashes the lights to pull me over in a parking lot at the same time an SUV of late 20 somethings pulls over near me. The cop, in a curiously informal tone complains "Finally! I've been trying to pull you over for miles." I ask what was the problem, wallet out to show ID and all that, and he's like "You can put that away... just go to this hotel at 9:00. The door will be open. Pet the cat." I'm like "uhhhhhh...." thinking woah, what kinda crazy is this. So I say "Can I see your badge number?" And his expression turns to anger, and he fiddles for a second then doesn't get it - and I say "yeah, I'm not going to do that." And drive away quickly!

Except it was night time!

Then we're in a slow chase. The cop picked up a parter who is fixing his uniform in the passenger seat, and I'm racing to get to the party, before realizing they would just bust the party. So I try to think where I could go they couldn't get me.

Apparently, that was home - because I don't notice the inconsistency that suddenly I'm in my house during daylight. I wince when I see mom has decided to decorate the walls in a tacky fashion (no pun intended) by using thumb tacks to hang modern road atlases of France all over the place. I notice the staircase wall is still empty, somewhere we want to hang portraits of relatives, and mom reminds me that we just found out we're related to Kelly Clarkson! And I say, "Well that's good, lots more relatives to hang pictures of!"

The End.

Haha, if any of this can be explained easiest -- yesterday I was listening on the radio in the car to an interview with Kelly Clarkson about her new album Stronger to be out October 25, I believe. So lets make her first single, released the day before yesterday, the song of the day in honor of our new found cousinship! lol

Song of the Day: "Mr. Know It All" by Kelly Clarkson. Honestly? This song is pretty average, but I just like the idea of Kelly Clarkson not fading away into kinda-stardom.

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