Friday, September 2, 2011

Feelin' Artsy: Vulcan-style

Haha, as you may remember -- like a year ago, I had the urge to try my hand at various digital art forms and bought a pen and tablet. Well, as you may have predicted, I don't really break that out nearly often enough. Especially since the day after I bought that, rather than "drawing" style art, I found a free program to do vector-style art -- which I gotta say I'm much more interested in. And lately, when taking a break from ASG, CKI, class and the stresses of my life -- I've been trying to do artsy things! Here are some completed stuff and works in progress.

First of all, this next image is NOT my creation. There is a book called the "Star Trek: Encyclopedia" last updated in like, 1997. In it are thousands of illustrations, some of them of uniforms/costumes.

I gotta say, my artistic attempts are not so often "creating new stuff" as imitating stuff I like. And I like these illustrations, they are just non-detailed enough for their purpose. So lately I've been trying to make pictures similar to this style for the Vulcan uniforms seen since 1997.

The two on the left are done, based on the uniforms seen here. The one of the right is I'm still working on. Below is my attempt to recreate a poster from the background of an episode, by making it in scalable vector graphics (SVG format) I can resize it all I want and it doesn't lose detail. So when I'm done with this one, I might get it printed up.

My next thing is complete. You may reconize in a recent blog I said something about how I like the "Eyewitness" books' style, and made the cover page? Well, later I completed a sample interior page. 

And finally, a little something for those who don't care about Star Trek -- something I *did* create using my tablet: The Magic School Bus explores the world of Water Pokemon! This is also still a work in progress.

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