Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Experiences You Should Have & Dinosaurs

Site of the Day: "Five Jobs Everyone Should Experience" - a blog or something I found randomly googling. A conversation I had today, mixed with an episode of How I Met Your Mother, led me to think: where could I be in 5 years, if not teaching/in government? Well, I remember Hillary Clinton once saying she worked on a fishing ship: WTF? Random right? But like the census and American Eagle, I feel everyone should have a job in certain sectors... it teaches you interesting things.

Quote of the Day: Watching a documentary on the Smithsonian channel on the science of Jurassic Park. Mom mentioned she didn't see the value behind cloning Dinosaurs in real life like Jurassic Park, "I don't think Humans need any competition", and asked me for my opinion:
"Well I don't know if they should do what they did in Jurassic Park, but I think it'd be cool if there was like -- an island museum [zoo] people could go to... oh, well I guess that is the plot of Jurassic Park." - Me.

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