Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vulcan Comforter Discovered!

ZOMG! So, in my spare time when I take a breather from CKI, I've been doing Star Trek stuff with what's left of my summer. Playing Star Trek Online, watching the DVDs I own, and making Star Trek digital art. (Remember the Eyewitness childrens books? Right now I'm making something similar to that.) Always love making things that make fiction seem real :D

Anyway, I don't know if I've mentioned it here before -- but something I've ALWAYS wanted from Star Trek? A Vulcan comforter! It's got Vulcan writing on it and it's awesome *u*

From the Enterprise episode "Home." Woken up at 4:00am is Commander Tucker.

Well, I've made a major discovery in what it's made of/looks like! A major contribution to my Eyewitness project I'm doing has been pictures from the Christie's Star Trek Auction that are still online. Alot of cool pictures for the Star Trek fan on there! Well, it turns out the comforter is actually a wall tapestry from another episode. And I've got a high enough quality picture finally that, eventually, I bet I could recreate it somehow. (Maybe fix the dimensions a bit.)

Seen as a wall decoration in the Enterprise episode "Stigma."

Song of the Day: "I am a Paleontologist" by the They Might be Giants. This song was on a comercial the other day, and I wanted to look into it to see if it was just custom written for the comercial or was a real song. Haha, I think it's a real song...

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