Thursday, June 16, 2011

Left to Save the Hero

Phew, busy busy busy summer. Between the campaign internship, College Dems Vice President, Circle K district Governor, Student Government Senator, working on my own Honors Project, and the intricacies of being mom's personal assistant and helping David run his life (not to mention my own various endeavors) - it's... been a busy summer.

Song of the Day: "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyonce. So I am of the opinion that Beyonce came away from the Telephone-Gaga music video changed. This video just doesn't seem like the old Beyonce, but that's not a bad thing (necessarily.) Haha, I think I saw someone post this video on Chad's wall and being a creeper I wanted to watch it and it's kinda interesting. Apparently it's "feminist" battle cry or something, as the Youtube commenters seem to be pretty unhappy. I for one welcome our new female overlords! Men have had control of the planet for like 3 millenia, and like Barack Obama said it's time for a change...

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