Friday, May 27, 2011

Zoomed In: Should we be seeing this?

This one'll be brief, loyal blog-followers I appologize for being so absent lately! Been super busy between CKI and campaign stuff. But here's a short blog on some image I recently noticed...

As you all know from my last blog, we killed bin Ladin! w00t! Anyway, this image has become instantly "iconic" and historic, and I noticed that they kinda released a hugely high definition gigantic version of it. So big in fact, that blogs have taken to noting all the tiny things you can learn about the situation room/situation from it. I personally think being able to read Hillary Clinton's binder is kinda cool.

For Use in White House Situation Room Only

Noforn means "No Foreign citizens" can look at it, even within the White House. Another image I found abnormally large, to the point where I could see more than the public maybe normally could see was the recent final Endeavour crew including shooting-victim Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords' husband Mark Kelley.

I usually like these images because of the space patch, I love mission patches! I even have a small collection framed on my bedroom wall. I think I've mentioned before that there are a select group I would like as gifts if you're ever looking for something to buy me. But looking at the gigantic image, I noticed in astronaut Greg H. Johnson's helmet you can see the reflection of the room the picture's being taken in.

Haha, not exactly stellar. Still, kinda cool to see behind the scenes!

Song of the Day: "Tonight Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae. Haha, this is one of those songs I think I like the first two times I heard it on the radio, but then no one else did (Pepsi Blue much?) so they got rid of it kinda quickly. (Lipgloss, and I Fell in Love with the DJ both suffered this fate if I recall...)

Video of the Day: Jersey Shore: The RPG -- an old style NES version of Jersey Shore as an RPG game, bahahahhaha this is funny... Embedding was disabled, alas. Speaking of old style games, I think I'll try to find room for Pokemon White in my day today.

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