Monday, May 2, 2011

Mission Accomplished (Part 2)

Oh jeeze, I am radically behind on studying for my Science & Technology in World History final at noon! I meant to wake up at 6am, ended up closer to 9... so I'm gonna hop in the shower, and then study non-stop.

But first - I want to say it's about time, US military forces killed Osama bin Laden this weekend. (If you somehow managed to miss that news.) I want to remind people we are not celebrating death or murder - but that death and murder of innocents does not go unpunished.

Some quotes from Twitter and elsewhere:
"It took killing Osama Bin Laden to get the news to stop playing highlights of the Royal Wedding... Thanks President Obama" - GloZell

"I see the world's longest game of hide and seek is finally over." - Amanda

Video of the Day: It's just Barack Obama weekend, isn't it! The other day was also the yearly-Correspondents Dinner, where Obama does a stand up routine making fun of himself and other political people. This year was heavily focused on Donald Trump, and it was pretty good I gotta say, lol.

Quote of the day: "Dust off the 'Mission Accomplished' banner, Mr. President!" -- College Democrats of Ohio, Facebook status.

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