Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a Tie

(Retroactive Blogging: So I wrote this in May, and for reasons I don't remember haven't gotten around to posting it yet. So I apologize if any time sensitive topics don't make sense anymore...)

Ugh, I'm a bit on the broke side as we start Summer. Add to that my time seems to be filled with non-paid work like 24 hours a day x_x That doesn't mean I can't build my online shopping list on my blog!

Haha, so I was perusing Gizmodo as I often do and I found this "eco-friendly" (just because something isn't made of stryofoam plastic should not necessarily make it eco-friendly...) tie. Made of recycled/reclaimed wood. Apparently it's fashionable, haha, I could imagine wearing it to ASG for the interesting looks - but it seems difficult to imagine being taken seriously. I wouldn't wear it to a meeting with the Dean for example. But I dunno, always good to have options, and one day I may feel braver than today...

On the website Gizmodo recommended they were 34$. I lost the website, and to write this had to search for it again -- low and behold, I found a classier shop for fashionable people selling something similar for 300-500+$ O.O;;; whaaaa? Who would pay hundreds of dollars for a wooden tie? You can't wear it to congress, to DCON, or to- well, maybe a wedding - if you want to upstage the important people. But really? 500$?

Googling around for something interesting clothes-wise, I actually found something else that's been my "obsession of the week": Doctor Who. I recorded a couple episodes I found on BBC:America, and that show is actually pretty good. I've heard about it for years, watched an episode or two back in the day with Panda and Comic Book Guy, but it's never really kept my attention for some reason. Now -- it has. The Doctor's quite the snazzy dresser, so much so this blogger devoted his blog to recreating his on-screen suit jacket. Dang, that's dedication. Which reminds me, I need more suits.

Quote of the Day: "There's simply nothing off the rack that is suitable for the young fashionable man in Ohio. " - Kurt, Glee

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