Saturday, December 18, 2010

Better Homes & Passageways

(This post was primarily written on Friday 12/17) - Sitting on the couch keeping warm, watching the Ohio Supreme Court (in a case from June 9, 2010...) Toledo Bar Assn v. Ritson - while mom is out picking up David from his last final of Tri-C classes this semester, and stopping at Chipotle on the way home :) Ahh, the relaxation of winter break. Gonna take Sarah back to Akron today with her wrapped up leg which is healing from her surgery.

(Sarah noted at Thanksgiving that with the set up Grandpa had, the TV looked like it was "suffocating between the bookshelves! Fighting to get out!")

So, lately I've been slowly turning my Grandpa's condo into a house Mom, Dave and I would feel comfortable in. Grandpa's house is set up for a single, elderly man (pictured)-- decorated all at once in 1994 after Grandpa moved to Stow following his house-fire in Maple Heights. (For those who have not followed my life closely: after Grandpa's passing this summer Mom inherited his house and since our home in Garfield is in sort-of-foreclosure, makes sense to move into the house we own.) Well anyway, since it's so close to Akron - I've been slowly chipping away at the work I think the house needs to be better suited for family life in 2010, bring it fashionably up to date. (I've already converted the larger guest bedroom into my room. Now I just have to go on the market for a nice Master bedset!)

Website of the Day: As someone who always includes hidden passageways in plans for his dream house, this website is awesome! It's got a gallery of hidden secret passageways! Definitely a great way to kill five minutes day dreaming.There are some amazing ideas in here, not just the usual Bookcase-door or behind-the-portrait-safe. I really like doors under stairs that lead somewhere - cause stairs always have a kinda hollow feel to them. Enjoy!

Quote of the Day: So Sarah mentioned she wanted light food, and I thought at first she said late (but quickly assumed she meant light) but still jokingly pretended I heard her say "late" like 4 more times! "LIGHT! L- I- T- G-... H-T... Light...(er) You know what I mean!" lol...

Song of the Day: "I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus" by Standstill. Haha, this is an interesting modified/parody also from my recent trend from "A Santa Claus: It's a Punk Rock Christmas." Heh, my favorite line is probably "maybe this year, cause dad is queer, I'll get some better stuff..."

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