Friday, December 10, 2010

Beautiful Beast of a Blast from the Past

So for various reasons I was googling screen caps from one of my favorite Disney movies, Beauty and the Beast, and I found this super-awesome IMDB website of Voice Actors for cartoons. So I'm going to blow your mind with some revealing Voice Actor revelations.... Did I mention they have voice clips of each individual character too!?

Belle was boring and this was her only voice acting. But the Beast was voiced by Robby Benson, known to Patsy & Blondie I'm sure as Sabrina's (first) dad! (Later replaced by the Clueless girl's second dad.) Actually, let me draw you a diagram...

And then Robbie Benson as Sabrina's father was replaced by Doug Sheehan, who played the Dad on Clueless...

But that was after HE replaced Clueless dad #1 (from the TV series), played by Michael Lerner. (This is ignoring the movie, which had it's own dad.)

And Sabrina (the character!) actually cameo-ed on Clueless at one point. (Video: This contrived clip is actually on Youtube.) In fact, Elisa Donovan that played Amber on Clueless, after the show was canceled in 1999 went on to Sabrina to star (sort of) as Morgan Cavanaugh for the remainder of Sabrina's years in College.

In FACT, yet ANOTHER Sabrina character stolen from the TV show Clueless: in Season 1, Cher's brother Josh was played by David Lascher. Who went over to Sabrina in season 4 to play "Josh Blackhart" for a few seasons (Hey, Josh in both!) , and Sabrina's love interest post-Harvey. Was Clueless anything more than a Sabrina training grounds?

Okay, so I got a little distracted. Let me continue this tangent rant by saying Wednesday night I had a dream that me and my family were moving into some famous historical building that was in our families name (metaphor for moving into grandpa's house?) But I guess it was part owned by the University or something? It was like crazy huge, and we would only have lived in a wing of it. But my current-at-the-University boss Steph was there, and told me the board was never going to approve of us living there. :( Sad face. But if I had a mansion, you bet I'd have a giant library like in Beauty and the Beast...

Hey I have a question. How come Lumiere and the feather duster (who has a name! Babbette!) are the only two in the whole movie with a French accent? Cogsworth (the clock) and Mrs. Potts (self-explanatory) actually have BRITISH accents at that.

Video of the Day: Random post-Sabrina interview I found with Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina) and "Soleil Moon Frye" (awesome name; who played Roxie, Sabrina's college roommate.) Apparently they'd been friends since they were four years old!

Picture of the Day: So while putting together that complex diagram, I accidentally found this googling. How. Cool. Would this be if I was 6 and it was 1995 again?

Not the girly part obviously, still, pretty creative. n.n! And there's a part for MY favorite character, Lumiere the candlestick:

As I mentioned, found these googling. "" hm... wonder what that site's about o.O

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