Thursday, December 16, 2010

30 Truths (part II)

11.  The top 7 in my iTunes play-counts are Lady Gaga. (Telephone: 183, Bad Romance: 174, Poker Face: 99, etc. The first non-Lady Gaga song is number 8: "Firework" by Katy Perry.)

12. I am a packrat, and inherited that from mom and grandpa. Cleaning my room is such a hassle when I cannot throw away that 2008 Travel Guide to Connecticut cause "I may want to go there some day soon..." psh, USE THE INTERNET!

13. If you don't already know this, I insist on using the word "Pop" over "soda", or one of it's other variants. On that note, I LOVE when I see/hear a TV show use pop - cause "Soda" seems to be so prevalent!

 14. I will never, ever, do or smoke any drugs because I find them absolutely repulsive. Caffeine, and legit prescription are obviously exempt from this.

15. My favorite sea-faring vessel is the R.M.S. Carpathia, the ship that rushed faster than their fastest-capable speed in the ice berg-ridden waters to rescue the Titanic survivors in 1912. I know I will never forget their heroism. Zomg, here's a model of the ship! CHRISTMAS LIST!!! That would pretty much be the second most awesomest thing ever. The First you ask? Well, the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" (famous for having survived the Titanic and other ship wrecks, and her boisterous personality.)

...Anyway, the real Molly Brown was so thankful to the crew of the Carpathia that she bought them all medals. Rarely, these medals show up on eBay and go for quite a bit - a couple thousand dollars last time I saw them. That would pretty much be the awesomest gift super-duper-ever. Google says they run on average about $7,780 yikes. Replicas are on eBay slightly much more often, but obviously are not as cool as the real thing.

16. My favorite Star Trek character ever was The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager. He was a hologram, who didn't have a name. No relation to "Doctor Who." I actually have two of his autographs, one of which is to me specifically cause I met the actor - Robert Picardo - at a Star Trek convention n.n

17. Haha, I am a total Star Trek nerd. I prefer "trekker" - as opposed to trekkie, but no one cares. I've seen almost every episode of Star Trek, have hundreds of hours of it on DVD, been to a handful of Cleveland conventions, and have maybe a dozen actors autographs. I once won a trivia trophy at a convention actually, but it melted in the '05 fire :(

18. The first concert I'd ever gone to was Seether, at the University so less than 3 years ago. Followed soon by Second Hand Serenade, The Secret Handshake, and of course Lady Gaga in 2010. I didn't really like music before late-Middle School.

19. Bud Light Lime is my favorite beer, Blue Hawaiian my favorite mixed drink  (Over 21, iz' all good...)

20. My childhood stuffed animals included "Dino" the Dinosaur (pronounced like the Flintstones pet) and "Quincy" the turtle (which I won for Dad at Sea World at a Read-a-Thon event, but he thought it would be better in my possession but named it.) Lesser stuffed animals in the hierarchy of stuffed animals include "Monkey-Monk" the... monkey -.- which I got for free from these WWF animal book things we got in the mail back in the day. David, always the copycat, had stuffed animals "Rabbity" and "Mousy-Mouse".... oh my God, is there a creative bone in any member of my family?!

Site of the Day: Cardboard Bahaha! These are absolutely awesome! Cardboard versions of animal  heads to hang on your wall, available in life size or miniature for the less adventurous. Made from recycled cardboard, I think the AOL Trend Spotting website def makes these look good in a modern decorated room. I kinda want one, but at the same time, I see it being cool for a while then taking up room in the basement :/ and for cardboard it's kinda pricey. But you should def check this out and see if it's for you! After all, Teddy Roosevelt certainly liked something about animals heads on his wall...

Song of the Day: "Gary the Green-Nosed Reindeer" by MC Lars. Hehe, I didn't like this much the first time I heard it - but since then it's grown on me in a kinda "I'm Awesome"-way. It's a parody of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer, obviously. Enjoy and Happy Holidays! :o)

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Sarah said...

Hahahaha, I hope my story about cardboard furniture inspired whatever google search you did for cardboard safari. Those are awesome.