Wednesday, December 1, 2010

30 Truths (part I)

Blah, I hate getting myspace surveys. But I guess it's better than no one giving me any :/ I saw this one on Facebook at least twice now, so I thought I'd do it (to avoid doing my International Institutions homework...) real quick. You are under no obligation to do this after I do it! In fact I'd prefer you didn't.
  1. Haha, I am so big headed. I love the attention and the compliments. I know, I should try to be less so - and I do. But I work hard for (most of) my accomplishments, is it so wrong to bask in them occasionally?
  2. My two favorite books are The Collected Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, and Star Trek: The Eugenics Wars - The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh.
  3. My 2 most prized possessions lost in the house fire of 2005 was the handwritten recipe card for our family recipe of Chicken Paprikas (written by my great grandmother and passed down to dad), and a smoked-glass chess set my grandpa bought me.
  4. I really, really, really hate the song "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada.
  5. If I don't accept your Facebook friend request in the first 24 hours after you sent it, I don't really want to be your friend. (Or I legit cannot remember who you are. Even after looking at our mutual friends. You should be more memorable.)
  6. I own 10 of the 11 Star Trek movies. (But I own 2 of Star Trek X, and don't own the first one cause it was really crappy.)
  7. I really like witches in pop culture. Something about it is very appealing, so much so that I base a lot of my future dreams on things from witch-y TV shows.
  8. On that note, my dream house is a Victorian mansion like on Charmed or Sabrina! Preferably one where I can own lots of land, like Theodore Roosevelt's house. (Charmed House pictured.)
  9. I lie about my weight. Often. I need to work out more.
  10. I keyed someone's car last week. Don't feel bad about it either. But it was after parking right behind them, and then I got back in my car and parked farther down the street out of fear or retaliation.
Song of the Day: "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence" + The Machine. Okay, I didn't really like her/them the first time I heard her because she was really weird and sounded odd and was up against Lady Gaga at the VMAs... but in recent times, she has an interesting sound, and I judged her too quickly. This song in particular isn't as bad as I used to think it was. The music video is kinda strange, not Gaga-level strange, but weird none the less.

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Anonymous said...

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