Thursday, December 9, 2010

16 Days 'Til Christmas

The holidays are approaching, and I'm eager to feel the Christmas spirit! :D I had my one and only final today, and tomorrow I have to observe at the middle school for the last time (voluntarily, actually) while they make mummies. Then it's Christmas break all the way!

Somethings on my Christmas list this year: a new suit, or even just new dress pants. X_X being in ASG and observing at schools puts a lot of strain on my dress clothes. Never would I have imagined hoping for clothes for Christmas. But not just any clothes, I gotta stay classy - and silky whenever possible.

Some other things I'd like this Christmas? Well, there's these Antique Theodore Roosevelt book set at a local store that cost 95$, a Roomba for carpets, this Antique Victorian dictionary stand I've been looking for for years (these are things I really never ask anyone for.) A police speed-radar detector, the collectors edition of the new Black Eyed Peas CD, etc.

Picture of the Day: So while waiting to see if Sarah can do lunch today (she's been round the clock busy with finals this week, I, alas, have not.) I'm watching this years Christmas episode of the Simpsons: "The Fight Before Christmas" ft. guest voice Martha Stewart, lol. Here's Lisa dressing up the Tree as Lady Gaga...

Song of the Day: "We Need a Little Christmas" by Glee! Haha, for some reason the Glee Christmas soundtrack is the only Christmas music on my laptop. Which isn't bad, they've got a good variety and it's something different.

Quote of the Day: "Sure I've been naughty this year, but by today's standards naughty means nothing! I didn't get anyone pregnant, and I didn't Facebook anyone to death." - Bart Simpson, aforementioned episode.

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