Saturday, November 6, 2010

Those Kinoki Foot Pads are a Scam

Surprised? I know I'm not - lol. First time I saw them I assumed you couldn't remove toxins through the skin of the foot. And if you *were* going to remove toxins through skin, why the hell would you do it through your foot? That where the thickest calluses is -- these toxins would have to find their way through more skin than anywhere else on the body. I mean, how are you going to sell us this - the same people willing to buy the PedEgg feet-cheese-grater because we know that skin is so dead!?

Haha, I just noticed that I didn't mention: I didn't learn this by first hand experience, it was on an AOL news article saying the FTC was fining them 14 million dollars and removing their TV ads for misrepresenting their product. Haha, Googling -- all that comes up is "real or hoax?" not even an official site. Apparently 20/20 did a hoax segment about them. "Kinoki" by the way, means "Tree Sap" in Japanese. Oh here's an official (quote unquote) website.

Bahaha, I notice that the web design on that site sucks and the reviews are only positive (and five stars!) lol. One reviewer:
Date: 1/29/10 5:47 AM

Well today is not going so hot. Woke up at 7:45am for a Circle K project, only to find while we were there that it had been canceled due to snow. (We were going to pick encroaching plants out of a nature conservancy. Some kind of mustard-garlic I think.) Anyway, disapointed in our lack of service - Sarah and I went to Acme to foodshop, because Circle K is doing some fundraiser through them that any non-name brand (ie: their name brand, Valu-Time, Acme Fresh, etc.) -- if you buy it, and turn the receipt in we get 5% of the purchase back.

(Loop hole) Oh and by the way they don't tell you this ahead of time, but you need an Acme card. And then they tell you it takes 48 hours to apply for and get an Acme card. So Sarah bought like 50$ worth of real food shopping (I bought like 5$, most of that being a thing of bacon.) only to find that it didn't count. And the bi+chy cashier lady made it worse. I go and apply, and it actually takes like 2 minutes to get a card. So ERRR, I don't like this fundraiser - and it Definitly turned me off of Acme. (Not that I would shop there anyway, there were too many "that's ghetto" moments for me.) No wonder their crap never worked for Wile E. Coyote.

Quote of the Day: The "It's just a little bit dented..." section of the store, where you could buy like half price dented/broken caned and boxed goods, lol.

Upcoming Movie of the Day: Was talking in the ASG office with some friends about the upcoming movie: "The City that Sailed" starring Will Smith. It's about a kid (presumably played by Will Smiths child) who wishes for her father to come to her, so Long Island crosses the Atlantic Ocean. I imagine the plot is thicker than that, but just from that it sounds like its going to be ridiculous. Oh here's a summary:
"Written by Andrew Niccol ("Lord of War"), the story focuses on a New York street magician and his young daughter. The two are separated thanks to unhappy family circumstances, and the daughter moves to England. One day while exploring a lighthouse she discovers a room filled with magic candles on which she wishes, birthday party-style, to be reunited with her father. The bond between them is so strong that her wish causes the entire island of Manhattan to break away, and float to England. The magical candles probably have something to do with it too." (cite)

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