Monday, November 1, 2010

Fairly Odd Weekend

Another awesome college weekend! Friday night was Sarah's awesome Halloween Party, for which I finally came up with a costume and made it!

Hahaha, I had so much fun with that costume. This is by far my favorite Halloween costume I've done in College - even funner than the Sandslash craft from last year, which admittedly was pretty awesome. Panda was Sailor Moon again (this time in her "Princess Serenity form" - if you don't know what that means, trust me you don't need to.) Brit was actually Sailor Mercury which went over awesomely, and Sarah was an amazing Avatar alien (which - though none of us called it this -- is actually called a Na'vi. The "Avatars" were actually the genetically-modified alien bodies the humans could control. I feel there is a widespread use of the word Avatar but little understanding of the words meaning.)

The party went well, except Kayla had pink eye and we're worried she may have given it to some of us (Angela in particular is worried.) I feel fine, though I think I'll schedule an appointment with the rec center to make sure - I'm observing at an elementary school afterall.

Then Saturday night we Trick or Treated for UNICEF, with a pretty pathetic turnout I have to say. Akron Circle K is having an off year it seems, recruitment, retention, involvement, and attendance are all down. That night Sarah got pretty sick (not pink eye) but we opted out of heavy partying for Halloween, instead called it a night early.

Sunday was the corn maze at Ramsyer Farms -- we picked up a Wooster person and had a handful of Akroners, and that was fun. Stopped at "The Barn" afterwards but was kinda disapointed, having remembered the country-themed restaurant as better than it seemed to be this year. It was afterall what inspired my and Sarah's newfound love of Broccoli-Cheese soup.

Picture of the Day: Haha, NBC's "Today" host Meredith Vieiera dons some Lady Gaga-Gear for Halloween! This is actually a recreation of what Gaga wore to the 2009 Grammy awards, and was also recreated on the Lady Gaga Glee episode I believe. (Your daily "Why does Andrew know that?" factoid.)

Song of the Day: "Whip My Hair" by Willow Smith. So I first heard this song on Tuesday on the radio, when Laura told me it was by Will Smith's 9-year old daughter. 9 years old and she's got a pop single!? REALLY? That's nuts. The lyrics are nothing special, something a 9 year old could come up with - but what pop song isn't. Its definitely catchy, but it's got less substance than oxygen. I hope this will be out of the public ear by Thanksgiving and forgotten.

OH! The part I *DO* have a problem with with this video, is that they've gotta know she's gonna be criticized for seeming like a baby making a rappy video. So what do they do? Literally put a baby dancing in it!

Just Wrong.

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Anonymous said...

How is that wrong? Its a baby dancing, many babies dance and i've seen many babies in music videos dancing as well. Just enjoy the moment and be happy for Willow, my gosh.