Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Symbol of Jest: Particularly Clever Snails

I just got back from a bunch of cool caves in Tennessee, and more about that tonight or tomorrow - but for now, a few funny news articles:

In this article from CNN, The New York Times says that the FBI has sent Wikimedia (the Parent company that runs the revered Wikipedia, and all of its sister sites) a letter asking they take the FBI emblem off their website. Ahahahhaha, oh FBI -- when will the government learn not to fight the power, the people. Wikipedia has many many more fans than the FBI I'm sure. But aside from actual favor, the laws the FBI are citing - they are not interpreting them correctly. The law prevents people from using Government logos for the purpose of inpersonating the government, or making money off of them. Wikipedia does neither. Its strange that the FBI would even bother picking this fight which they are not gonna win. But "as a symbol of jest", I felt I should note I am not a member of the FBI, and the FBI does not endorse my blog - nor do any members read it I'm sure. (Nor do I make any money off this blog while I'm at it.)

Haha, another blog "Geek" something pokes more fun at the issue. Even including a "[Citation Needed]". I like how they describe the letter Wikipedia sent back, as "politely feisty." Vanity Fair talks FBI. Bahahaha, the response letter is even posted online (in the public domain I imagine, or properly cited.) I like the irony that the FBI tried to 'edit' the law only to have it 'reverted for vandalism.'

In another random news article about how Italy is being "too Italian", I like the quote: "Since the economic crisis began, this country has regularly turned up on the informal list of Nations That Worry Europe.

Finally, in a news article about snails, the British... I dunno, some British science agency has recommended that the public take part in an experiment measuring whether snails have the innate ability to return home even if taken 10 miles away! "Ruth's result is from just one experiment. In science, researchers try to do as many experiments as they can to ensure they have not got a freakish result - or in Ruth's case - that she has particularly clever snails."

"It could be a long process," says Dr Hodgson, "because snails aren't the fastest of creatures."

Haha, okay I think that's all the silly I have today. AWESOME pictures of caves and my adventures coming sooooon....

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