Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cool Star Trek Things!

Haha, I am reeeally behind in updating this I know. I've got two+ major trips worth of pictures to upload, and I only ever find the motivation to babble on about dumb stuff. Well, unfortunately it's gonna be another of those days.

The first cool thing I just found was a fancy Vulcan-inspired pen stand! I don't think it's for sale, at least I can't find a "Buy" or sale price on the site. But the stand is based on the Vulcan's emblem, the "idic" (or I.D.I.C., which stands for their motto "Infinite diversity, in Infinite Combinations." Why an alien race would use an English acronym doesn't really make any more sense than why they all speak English however...)

And I thought I'd upload some pictures I have on my computer, in case my computer crashes I have them somewhere! All of them come from the "Christie's Star Trek Auction" -- a giant years long auction of Star Trek props that went on a while back after the last series (Enterprise) ended in like, 2005. They put a billion pictures of the stuff online, and for Trekkie nerds like me it was a goldmine!

Star Trek typically takes place in the 24th century, with the exception of the original series with Kirk and Spock, which takes place in the 23rd century. On rare occasions, people from the distant future (here, the 29th century) when Starfleet policed time visited the past. Here's a close up of the Red (vs. Green and Blue) uniforms. If I were the type of Trekkie who had Star Trek uniforms (I don't by the way, but given the opportunity...) I would want this one. The one chevron on the neckline indicates the low-rank of Ensign.

This stack of books comes from the Enterprise series, apparently communications officer (and human translator) Hoshi Sato. These are all fake books the production people came up with book jackets for, I've googled them - lol. The "Conversational Cambodian" one mentions "Univ. of Tycho Press" -- Tycho is a future city on the Moon.

This is a Vulcan Captain's chair from Enteprise. They were never on the bridge of a Vulcan ship, but when communication showed just the Captain on the screen you could see the chair he was sitting in. Vulcan's like things classy.

Haha, these are "Vulcan ration packs" from an episode when an early Vulcan ship crash landed in the 1950s. Me and mom like that episode. I believe they're made from those small balloons you can get in like, Tops or Dave's near the checkout line. Here they have Vulcan writing on them. I remember this auction actually (it was on eBay) I considered buying them until I saw it was 100$+ and I wasn't about to pay that for some redressed checkout aisle balloons.

K, Last Trek thing for the day. A Star Trek: The Next Generation inspired keyboard, with the Starfleet logo on the arrows and everything. I haven't figured out why some letters are blue, and others are black. This isn't from the auction, but I accidentally found this googling one day and laughed outloud at the space bar...

Well that's all I got! Off to Garfield Heights to take mom to a French cafe for her birthday. So here's my shoutout: Happy Birthday Mom!!! Maybe I'll be able to convince her to buy some nice clothes...

Link of the Day: -- Like I've said, I've been trying to be more artistic lately, and have become interested in interesting architecture. I stumbled (not literally) onto this site that appears to be run by a designer for LEGO, and he created castles based on different animal factions (ie: Hawk Castle, Wolf Castle, Ape Castle, etc.) interesting how he (or she, I don't know) incorporates animals into the design. Just thought I'd give a shout out to something I found really interesting.

Song of the Day: "Magic" by B.o.B. (feat. Rivers Cuomo) The first time I heard this song the radio described it as this: "You are going to hate me, because this song will be stuck in your head for two weeks, cause the first time I heard it, that's what happened to me and its still stuck in my head." It is pretty catchy, bouncy even. Haha, this new "B.o.B." singer (here he calls himself "Bob" for the first time I've heard) -- I downloaded his album, but only a few songs are good IMO. Good nonetheless. Magic lyrics. Hahaha, I can see this finding its way onto some magic show -- like Wizards of Waverly place or, that witch cartoon.

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