Monday, August 23, 2010

Cleanin Out My Closet

Not literally, but my desktop. Pretty much since getting this labtop, with it's 500 GB memory I haven't made it a priority to keep the desktop or files too clean. My first desk shift of the year, what better time for some Fall cleaning! (Already 1/4th through my shift, nice!) While I'm at it I'll post a few of the things I've been letting pile up.

So, a random thing I wanted to ask you if you remembered: 2X-L. He was a robot, which I brought up to Sarah like a month ago. She did not really remember 2X-L. But we had one growing up, and you put in a cassette with some kind of learning adventure and pressed the buttons to select either the right or wrong answer I guess? I don't really remember how he worked, or why I downloaded a picture of him - and the only thing I remember about him was that I wanted to put him on my blog. Well, here he is, now I can delete it haha. Actually if you look at that 2XL link above, you can see an earlier 80's-version of 2XL.

Sorry to anyone who hoped the title and picture in some way meant I had found a 2X-L in my closet :( btw -- his name (like most robots) is a pun, because he's an educational device. "2X-L", to excel... ha...heh, yeah we didn't get that back then.

In case anyone is wondering what I did today: not much! Woke up after last nights CRAZY party, had an interesting conversation about time travel, multiple big-bang theory, and what if Hell is Up and Heaven is down?! Then we went to Swensons. MMMMMMmmmmmmm, Swenson's. I need to go there more often, them potato teasers are off the HOOK! Then I drove to Garfield to drop Panda and Matt off, fix some issues with mom & Dave's new laptop (by which I really mean, teach mom the basics of the internet. She is having issues realizing message boards and chat rooms aren't exactly they way they were back in 1999.) Came back to Akron, played with my new drawing tablet for a few hours waiting for Sarah to get ready... then went shopping, went out to Quail Hollow State Park and had a fun time with Sarah where we discussed how when we're old, we would want property with a giant park/forest on it, and it could have a giant path through it like the park, but have the path be different every year!

Then I went and snacked on Swenson's leftovers for dinner, watched a few minutes of the best of "I Love the 80's" on VH1 -- OH! Sarah and Brit & Angela got cable today! Also a cat, details to follow.

Um, and then I downloaded a Vectoring program and I'm kinda playing with that. Classes start tomorrow, I've only got 2 - 11am-12:55. Then I work 6-8. Yeah. My day suuuucks... I need more classes :( DARN YOU UNIVERSITY! Bright side, I'm only at the desk for another... 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Quote of the Day: (cool, ghetto woman on what is apparently a radio comercial) "There's a place you can have a shot of Jack with Ke$ha, but save some for her - gurl gotta brush her teeth!"  Ahaha, I found this hilarious when I heard it on the radio on the way to Bucca di Beppo's for dinner with Kim a while back. Saved it on my iPod's voice recorder and it just popped up as a song. Taking that off the shuffle now...

Video of the Day: If you have not already watched every video in her series, you need to go watch GloZelle! SHE IS HILARIOUS! Haha, I'll just post her commentary on a Ke$ha video (she comments on alot of popular music videos, and a few random news or things like that) she is hilarious.

Song of the Day: To round it out, mise-as-well hit to Ke$ha's with one blog Label. So Ke$ha's new single is "Take it Off" - haha, oh Ketchup.... so I guess I somehow missed posting the ridiculous (but not too ridiculous) music video on here. I feel like I did, so it might be in a draft somewhere. But yeah, Kesha's lookin cleaner than usual - some have called her almost Ashley Tisdale looking.

I don't really see it, any more than most girls these days kinda look the same. Anyway, so as she demands everyone takes it off - she walks past a car that certainly ain't no "Gold Trans-am", and an Abandoned Hotel! n.n this was my favorite part the first time I saw this video. Then they jump in an abandoned swimming pool, and their bodies start emitting powdered chalk I guess? Then they start jumping at each other and exploding in a way that reminded me of old Capri-Sun Commercials....

Ahahaha, and after watching that it reminds me of the secret adventures of Alex Mac! Anyway. As for the actual video, it's just eh but I feel like there's so much to say about it, lol, like how it's a colorful version of the LeBron poster with all his powder! On the ride down to Myrtle Beach, I told Panda about it and she got frusterated the video didn't come up on her phone. From there, the rest of the trip was basically spent convincing her it was an awesome awesome video. It's really average enough, lol.

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