Sunday, July 18, 2010

Return to the Abandoned Hospital

Ahhh, it's been like a month since I've blogged! Time to finally post the continued story of my abandoned hospital exploration.  Actually, I think I'll keep this primarily pictures.

Immediatly after getting in, the first room we found was an auditorium/lecture hall/theater thing. Amanda noted that they have a similar room used as a lecture hall on HOUSE. It was cool, most of the seats were in perfect condition but the theater stage part was pretty badly degraded.
Looking out from the stage, these things on the sides reminded me of Ford's Theater where Lincoln was assassinated. Note the detail on the ceiling.
The entry hall that would connect the lecture hall to the outside world; none of these enterences/exits were accessible though. The walls were made with some pretty intense polished stone. And there were two giant mirrors on the left and right of this room out of view, they were pretty darn creepy considering how pitch black this room was without the flash.
Amanda and Sarah pose inside an abandoned hospital room.
 Me and Sa1rah also pose in an abandoned hospital room.
Some damaged ceiling, walls, etc. The websites leading here noted all the copper has been stripped already, but you know we never go to these places for copper or vandalism.
Some more remnants of a hospital room.
In the back-right of that room above, was a closet/office. In that closet was this mural thing on the wall. For those interested, my dining room used to have a mural on the wall -- haha.
View outside from a room.
Some of the roof of the building. Alot of building, alot of roof. I was weary of the stability of the structure, so I didn't venture too far out.
(L) Looking out towards the very front of the building. (R) Sarah collects some technical manuals.
(L) Looking out a cool window. (R) Freakin crazy baby-vulture that threatened to kill us all!
And finally, as we were heading out, I was still snapping shots. Here's one of the doctors offices' room number chart.

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Diane said...

I hope the wonderful wrought iron seen in some of the photos can be salvaged. I was born at this hospital in 1953. How sad it has fallen into ruin. Have you found any other interesting items laying around? How cool to be able to explore that place! Thanks for posting.