Thursday, July 22, 2010

People Say I'm Forgetful

Last night came to Garfield to hang with Amanda and Danielle, boy did those plans fluctuate! Amanda had dealings with a washing machine, so I spent most of the day time at home watching Star Trek DVDs, then went out to Parma Town with her -- bought the Bad Romance (Remixes) which is the Gaga American version of a single I guess?

Anyway, got Applebee's with Danielle (who I haven't hung with in forever!) and was joined by Sarah who got out of her friend Pure Romance party earlier than expected, and Panda came too. Then Brit joined us, as we decided to go to some bar called Islanders in Middleberg. That was fun, there were some issues - like I didn't exactly make a friend when I asked the DJ: "Can I request.... No-Beastie Boys?" (Because Sarah hates Beastie Boys) he was like "No, that's my favorite band." So that was a great way to start the night, haha. Then I was doing all the drink buying when it was ladies night, so they got 2$ drinks >>; err. Then when we left, Sarah lost her ID. So, the night was hardly free of hassle - but fun none the less.

MYSTERY SOLVED!!! So there are a bunch of terms apparently that singers put in their songs that kinda go unnoticed, but I've noticed. Sean Kingston has said "J.R." such as the song "Beautiful Girls", which starts "J.R.! Sean Kingston! Yooooou're waaaay tooo booooootiful guuuurl....". Lady Gaga says "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" in the songs "Starstruck", "Eh,Eh", and "I Like It Rough". But the one that's always annoyed me was "Toluca Heights..." that's hidden in all the songs by Jason DeRulo. Well, it's actually *Beluga Heights*, and they are all the names of managers and recording labels.

So now I'm watching the news, because I woke up crazy early after some strange dreams. There is nothing interesting on early in the morning. Before the news, flipping through channels found The Wizard of Oz TV series (a DiC production, I should've known...) and "Clyde." (It's Canadian. I knew it.) Now the news is talking about a new trend apparently -- "Bridal Diapers" for wedding dresses that are hard to get out of. I may go drive up to get breakfast somewhere soon. Getting hungry, and no food at Garf house.

Song of the Day: "Handlebars" by Flobots. I'm pretty sure I've heard this song on Sarah's iPod before, but it was on at the bar last night and I like it! There was a fairly lengthy conversation about if the song was by Gym Class Heroes or not. Then Panda song-ID'ed it, and it wasn't.

Quote of the Day: So I saw this once weeks ago, and I just saw it on TV again, and I Love this commercial and the quote - don't really care what it's selling.

"People say I'm forgetful... maybe that's why I go to so many memorable places."

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