Monday, July 19, 2010

Dancing in the Dark at the Monster Ball

Wow, sorry for the blog black out this past half-month. My daily schedule has been pretty hectic. So it's 10am, I've got until 4:00pm for my Census meeting to get caught up in all my secondary priorities, blogging included.

OMG! We saw Lady Gaga in concert last week on Wednesday!!! AHHHHHH! I think we all unanimously agreed it was incredibly awesome. Sarah and Britt definitely wish they were taller so they could've enjoyed it more, but it was still the experience of the year. I was worried pretty much up until we got in the door that our tickets would in some way not work, but all turned out well. Our "Tickets Express" thing was basically I just swipe my credit card and it remembers me and prints my tickets. So alls well. Then we got floor (not-really-seats!) So a couple of hours of standing, but we were two meters from the front island of the stage!!! AHHH! It was Amazing! As usual per awesome experience, Facebook for the primary pictures, here for the extras/behind the features...

The opening show was "Semi-Precious Weapons" who I've looked into before, back when I first heard GaGa was coming to Cleveland. They played background diner-ers in the diner scene of the Telephone video. They were a little too over the top for me, and I think the others that went agreed.
Then, Lady Gaga eventually finally came out - first song was Dance in the Dark. Followed by a pre-Fame/Fame Monster song "Vanity." Song of the day btw.
Haha, I just noticed no two of these pictures are the same outfit.
(Above) The infamous disco stick, which she wants to take a ride on.

Haha, I took this one and showed brit right away cause it was hilarious. Just showing how freakin close we were!
And above here is the "Fame Monster" which the album is of course named for.

Quote of the Day: "Hey! Lady Gaga don't like you dressing like her..." - creep on street to Brit.

Song of the Day: "Vanity" by Lady Gaga. I like it! This video isn't really a video, just here for the music. My favorite line is "Touch me, t-Touch me baby, but don't mess up my hair..."

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