Friday, March 12, 2010

Ring Ring

Telephone Is HERE! To Gaga enthusiasts of late (such as myself) the countdown has been long (like, a couple weeks!) But at long last it's here. This video is getting all kinds of reviews, apparently its not often that this many fans acutally count down to a music video premiere. Also, the thought, work and things that went into it are different than average - not sure how a music video returns money to the artists/those that work on it, but here's to you Haus of Gaga!

p.s.: One more class, Japanese, and a major test -- and I'm FREE FOR SPRING BREAK! WOOPWOOP!

Video of the Day: As if it wasn't implied, the Music Video for Telephone.

One part I don't exactly understand is during the Diner scene, the girl implies (through subtitles) something in Japanese. I can read it (EEee n.n I love Japanese) but I don't get what it means. "Wanpiisu." I googled it, and it should mean "One Piece" - which typically means an episode of an anime that stands alone, (ie: as opposed to a "two parter" or a season arc.) Idk, they also count "1, 2, 3" in German (Ein, Swei, Drei). Also, during the News Report at the very end - the scroll along the bottom of the screen looks like it's in German but I can't translate it.

Haha, it's over 9 minutes long -- and the first line of the song isn't spoken until 3 minutes in! I def see what they mean when they said it "was inspired by Tarantino-ian movies..." the Pussy Wagon from Kill Bill is even used, and the Japanese style of direction during the Diner scene is pretty clear. Also the dialogue is very Tarantino, kinda dirty-real.

Lets see, oh, some costume comments: I like her cigarette glasses, haha - and the hat when she leaves the prison is just bizarre. But whats really noteworthy is all the product placement: Virgin Mobile (blatent, its about a telephone), Miracle Whip, Wonderbread, the Plenty of Fish Dating Website (which is real), Polaroid camera, . And the opening of the video answers that whole awkward Gaga-Penis question once and for all.

But Beyonce's role in the video, overall, is entertaining. She fits in Gaga's world MUCH better than when Gaga tried to enter the world of Beyonce in "Videophone." In that, Gaga just looked like a twig next to Beyonce's perfect body shape. Here, Beyonce dons some ridiculous apparel and dialogue - and its hilarious. But in the latter part of her scenes, when her dancing is skipping, it just looks zombie-y and creepy.

Quotes of the Day: "Once you kill the cow, you've gotta make a burger." "Trust is like a mirror, you can fix it if it's broke, you can fix it, but you can still see the crack in that muthafuckers reflection..." - Lady Gaga & "Honey B" (eyonce) from "Telephone" music video

Song of the Day: "Pokemon, What Happened to You?" by Alex Day. Hahahaha, this song is AWESOME and has been stuck in my head for Days! I accidently found it avoiding studying after I showered on Wednesday. It references all the good things Pokemon used to be when it was just the original game, and how it's gone downhill with all the other games. Some prize-winning one-liners:

"I remember when there were only one-hundred and fifty of you
Well, technically one-hundred fifty-one if you are counting Mew,
but I digress

I guess,
I spent the best years of my little life

Surfing Cinnabar Island to get one-hundred and twenty-six Revives..."

"But now you’ve shown me Team Galactic and Dark and Steel and eggs,
Oh I want my Red and Blue back when Ditto wasn’t used for sex..."

Picture of the Day: Haha, I've had this on my desktop for a while looking for an oppertunity to bring it up. But back when I was looking up crabs and Lobsters for my Gaga outfit, I found this interesting tidbit:

A Hermit crab in a glass shell, showing how they curl into the shell. Thought it was kinda interesting!

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