Monday, February 1, 2010

Whats to Come

Phew, well THAT's over. Award forms are DONE, thank God. This morning I'll be taking them to the post office to mail them out in fact. Overnight = Reimbursement.

Next Years Position - In other news, after a hugely successful Circle K open house - I can rest assured Circle K will pass safely into new hands soon, and have at least another year after thats' security of members to draw board from. Whew, I love service leadership and fellowship but I will be glad to be a general member again. Or maybe I'll be scrapbook or MD&E Chair. Or even PR. Whatever I chose to be, if I do, it'll be secondary to (hopefully) ASG College of Education Senator - which I'm considering going for. I am also considering going for Judicial Hearing Board, but I tried that last year and lost out to someone else. We'll see what happens.

Return to Korea? - So Kyuhun suggested the other night that I should go back to Korea this summer and teach English to make some extra money. Hm, that's not a bad idea I'd never really thought of. I mean I thought about returning to Korea some day, and maybe teaching English there temporarily, but never really thought about the summer thing. I found this page from the State Department warning aspiring English teachers that contracts work differently in Korea, and that I should be wary and try to find a creditable college or school not some start-up business that often flop within a month. But I dunno, I kinda like the idea of going back to Korea. I miss bugogi, a steak dish that was like eight bucks. (When a miniature version of KFC was like 10+! Wtf!?) And half the cool Koreans will be back in Korea by then, most of them are in the U.S. (or Canada) right now. Hm, something to think about.

Housing - Monday (today!) I start looking into new housing, likely with Mike and his friend Jenny who seems cool. Callin our landlord people, and Sarah&Kayla's landlord people. Hopefully I can get that figured out this week actually, because contract signing season is practically here.

Work - American Eagle at Chapel Hill may be hiring. And I signed up to take a Thursday morning U.S. Census test. In fact I should print out the AE form today. I actually have alot I want to get done today, especially since I got up early because of Sarah going to work and my first class being canceled.

Spellman Manor - White, not Blue.

But for now, Yay! You may be wondering why there are Sabrina pictures on here, but no reference to her. Well, Media Player is working again, so I can watch Sabrina indiscriminately! Haha, this show is awesome for bad jokes. Man, when I have the money I am *Totally* buying computer software to add magic to videos. Also, an amateur radio - that would be cool. But I've always found it interesting how the different witches' magic manifested differently, like Sabrina's is gold/red sparks, Hildas is a puff of smoke, and Zeldas is purple/white sparks. Just thought I'd put those here to display that.

Quote of the Day: "What ever happened to predictability, the milkman, the paper boy, and evenin' TV..." - The opening to Full House. Patsy, of all people, did not know all the words!

Song of the Day: Bonafied Lovin by Chromeo. I think I found this on the American Eagle Pandora page, but then lost it and created a Chromeo pandora channel (which is primarily electronica-rock or whatever.) Then went about googling them, and I like this better than their more recent singles. Low and behold, based on the comments on this youtube page -- it was heard in a Hollister by many people apparently. Haha, but its a band of two Canadian guys, one of arab descent and one of jewish descent, and Wikipedia says they describe themselves as "the only successful Arab/Jewish partnership since the dawn of human culture." The chorus goes something like: "I'll give you bonafide lovin, the type that makes me feel old..."

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