Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Classes & Jason Mraz

Haha, so the first week and a half of classes are done. My classes will definitly be handleable this semester. I have Ed Planning with a Santa Claus-like former-principal who has devoted whole class periods so far to telling stories and we got nothing serious done. Then I've got Japanese II, which I need to devote more study time to because I am falling a little behind with the vocab quizes every other day. And I have Ed Equity and Excellence, which I thought would be awful with a bitchy teacher and big projects - but she seems nicer and its more focused on discussion, which means I got to use my labtop all period - mwahahaha. Also taking Content Reading, or how to teach from a book by not teaching from a book -- and I finally got that class' textbook the other day. Lots of reading for that class (surprise). And finally, Macroeconomics - which is by far my hardest class, cause I don't remember squat from microeconomics.

Hahahaha, this was Patsy's idea, I just made it a reality.

Video of the Day: "Outdoors" by Jason Mraz. No, Not I'm Yours -- Outdoors. It's a parody... sort'v, of I'm Yours made for Sesame Street that appears to be going outside rather than staying inside! Lol, I love how Jason Mraz is just doing his laundry at the latino Sesame Street Laundromat... Haha, I had completely forgotten how ridiculous this show was.

Quote of the Day:
"There is a chance, however slim, that my ironic and detached nature could be misconstrued as jerkiness." - Salem the Cat, though I feel I can personally relate to this quote - lol.

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