Monday, January 18, 2010

"I am sick and tired of my phone, ba--b-y..."

Just finished a Verizon survey, and let me rant and praise about them for a minute. First of all, several months ago just before leaving for Korea I wanted to decide on which phone to get - a blackberry storm or an iPhone. Message to past Andrew: SHOULD HAVE GOT AN iPHONE! Ugh, they are so awesome and get awesomer every day. The Blackberry storm? Gets more annoying every day. The other day mine broke and suddenly stopped working and I took it to the place. The guy (Jerimiah I think) was actually AWESOMELY helpful! Much cooler than this annoying dick manager there who is full of himself with his rocker haircut who makes my life complicated whenever I see him. They replaced the phone which was insured, and all is good, just had to replace my contacts.

Verizon's network is said to be better than AT&T's, but I'm willing to risk it. I've gone through tons of technical issues with my Storm, for a long time (before a download) it wouldn't answer the phone when I pressed talk to answer a call, and half the time it wouldn't even ring when someone called - it'd just vibrate a missed call after it happened! ARR, irritating. Sarah had to call me back a second time so often - what if that was a more important number, like when American Eagle hired me I literally had to think "thank god my phone answered the first time." I shouldn't have to worry about my cell phone ANSWERING CALLS.

The internet works fine on it, but I don't have "apps" per sé. Even one of my favorite programs from my old phone, V-CAST Song-ID (where you hold a phone to a song to ID it) never works on my Storm. I downloaded it, then it just pauses when its recording and I have to reset it. UGH.

Anyway, I thought it'd be interesting to look back at the cellphones I've had for the past few years. I admit, I was spoiled growing up - and convinced grandpa to get me a cellphone pretty young. Like, Middle School young - so it was the very start of when kids had cellphones. My first phone's didn't really have ANY special things about it that I can remember, but it died when me and Amanda explored Vista Construction Site and while running home slipped out of my pocket into a puddle. Luckily, the guys who paintball there found it and charged it and called me (he happened to own the exact same phone!) But since we'd lost the charging cable, we decided it was time to get Phone #2.

A nokia, this one actually had 3 games on it! Oh snap! This one lasted it's fair share, but there wasn't much special about it. This was the first phone of mine that could change faceplates. (Trying desperately to even find a picture of it online!) Here we are, the Nokia 5110. Lol, this site says it had a memory of "5 dialed, 5 received calls." Hilarious. I used the dark gray or dark blue (far left) covers.

After that one (which i replaced saying David broke it, in reality it just got very very old.) I don't think they sold a replacement part for it any more so we switched. Then came the first flip-phone! This one I kept in a phone thing on my belt and lasted me til Freshman year I think? Hm, I can't find the exact file on this awesome phone history site, but this one comes pretty darn close. Here we have the first internet on a phone, and first camera. Man, that was an improvement.

Then there was the "Alias". This one actually did rock, and I miss it. If only it didn't shut itself off when I was txting later in its life. This one was of course followed by the Blackberry Storm.

Song of the Day: "Telephone" by Lady Gaga, feat. Beyoncé. (Lawls! Get it. It's a phone theme.) Haha, I love this song - even made part of it my ringtone. The other night at a party we were listening to it and my phone went off, I'd predicted that a second earlier actually and requested the song so it's no cosmic coincidence. (I should note, I don't think there is a music video for this song - the one I linked to appears to be a remix of Beyonce and Lady Gaga's "Video Phone" and other Lady Gaga videos. It doesn't really make sense other than that, lol.)

"Call when you want,
but there's no one home,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!
Out in the club,
and I'm sippin' that bub,
and you're not gonna reach my telephone!"


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