Monday, January 25, 2010

Gamer Wannabe

Back in the day, I played video games pretty darned often. I remember the days where I played Nintendo and Gameboy everyday, and even occasionally my brother's Sega. Then I got a Playstation, and David got an Nintendo 64. Then I got a Playstation 2, and David got an XBox. (It's like there's a gaming war right under our own roof!) Then David got a Nintendo Gamecube, and I got a Nintendo DS. Then David got an XBox 360. And that, friends, is where the story ends.

Our household, alas, will likely never see a Wii or Playstation 3. I have fallen drastically behind on the gaming world - and frankly with good reason. First of all, college is busy! I'm in this crazy organization you probably haven't heard of, but plenty of other college kids find time to be non-stop Gamers - like Kat's BF Adam. I wanna be a gamer! :( Maybe not a gamer-freak like some people I imagine exist out there, but alot of the recently popular games just don't interest me. 2008 was for all intents and purposes the year of the Guitar game. That means Guitar Hero and Rock Band. The height of this fad was likely early 2009, and the economic peak would be fall of 2009 - when 8 titles of the same style of game came out (including Van Halen, Beatles, and Lego Star Wars Rock Band/Hero/etcs.)

This blog comfortably describes the decline of the band/guitar video game industry. Aside from that, many of the other games popular in this era (Halo, Gears of War, Call of Duty, etc.) are militaristic shooting games - never really my style. I miss the good old days of Spyro, Crash, and Tomb Raider. Even Gex :/

Which leads me to my main reason for writing this particular blog on a day when I have so many other worries to focus on: Playstation 3 SUCKS MONKEY B@LLZ! This is simply one of the top 3 most laughable game platforms to my knowledge. I have felt this for a long time, but the news is all the more made recent by some guy having hacked into it (BBC) - and apparently there is a way to make it play all PS2 games and PS1 games. WHY!?!?!?!??!?!! oN EARTH did Sony not just ALLOW it to do this in the first place?! Honestly, that was a major selling point for me. When I considered buying a new game system approximately 1 year ago, I looked at PS3 -- said will it play the games I want it to (mainly PS2 and 1, because PS3 games suck) and it didn't. So I just bought a used PS2. That of course later broke, but besides the point. I miss the days when PS2 reigned as King of Kings! Does anyone remember this commercial:

Sigh. Now there are music videos devoted to making fun of it to the tune of "How To Save a Life": (I don't want to put two embedded videos on here, so just click this to listen to this pretty entertaining video.) So Sony, I hope you hear the message loud and clear: you have to make PS4 AWESOME as opposed to unbearably crappy. And it better be damn cheap to make up for how much you f**ked everyone with PS3. I want to be a gamer, and it's all your fault :(

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Song of the Day: "Everybody" by Backstreet Boys. To continue the decline into nostalgia, we were watching "I Love the '90s" yesterday and this song came on- and this was the first CD I bought like 10ish years ago, lol. I remember putting it in the computer and being amazed it had a music video on it too. Haha, someone noted that towards the end of the video when they're all dancing in unison on the floor there's a cut where Brian doesn't move but everyone else does = True. The music video features them in the Casper house I think, lol?

Remarkable 90's Facts: Favorite Backstreet Boy? Kevin. Hottest Spice Girl? Sporty.

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