Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dredded Award Forms

Arr, it's that time of year again: when Circle K's officers and board has to write essays and fill out forms to send in to the Ohio District of Circle K so that at DCON we can (hopefully) sweep the award scene. I have at least one of my essays done, the others I am not exacty clear on and hope to figure out this afternoon. But I would like to get them mailed either Friday or Saturday, because they need to get to Columbus on Tuesday! So I'm off to get signitures for the cover page in a minute, Vince as Sergent at Arms and Jessica R. as Back-Up #2 Delegate. Also have to print a bunch of papers. Sigh, so busy.

But this weekend is going to be AWESOME! Kayla's Birthday party Friday night, Saturday morning get stuff done, Saturday mid-day Scrapbook Party for Circle K (where I plan to bring my family album and work on that, because I'm not sure what else for the club scrapbook we're going to need to do, lol.) Then Saturday night is Kat's birthday party, whoop whoop - followed by a Sunday morning service project at Pat Katans! Then, nightmare of nightmares, the week starts again :/

But at least this week's Spring Open House was pretty darned successful, got alot of new intersted people so the weight of "will this club survive after me" is pretty much removed from my shoulders. Next week I get to focus on other stuff, like finding a house for next year, now that Sarah can take off for spring break, where will we go!? Should I run for ASG or not, should I get a job at the U.S. Census or American Eagle?! Oh what this upcoming season will bring on The TV Show that Is My Life. Stay tuned.

Song of the Day: "Say Hey" by Michael Franti. "The more I see, the less I know..." Aw, what a sentiment. This is a jolly little jingle I hear on the radio occasionally and have yet to look up the title or artist. Hm, his wikipedia article isn't very informative (he's been active for many years apparently though) but ah, here it is - the song's article. Not exactly the kind of single that usually gets popular on 96.5, but that's where I heard it. Huh.

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