Friday, January 29, 2010

The Andrew Drinking Game

Mention Circle K - Take a shot, toast to dry organizations!

Mentions his hair or button-up shirt - Take a shot.

Starts singing a song stuck in his head - Brush your teeth with a shot of Jack

Mentions Hillary Clinton - Take a shot of Crown Royal whisky, her beverage of choice.

Tries planning a road trip that won't happen (ie: House Boat, Cancun, etc.) - Take a shot of something imported.

Does something especially feminine or gay-seeming - Take a shot, to scrapbookers and antiquing-ers everywhere!

Mentions a President you've never heard of - Take a shot, he'll seem less annoying.

Does homework night before it's due - Take a shot.

Does essay 6 pages or more the night before it's due - Take two shots.

Does multiple 6p+ essays in one night - WATERFALL!

Swoons over Barack Obama - Chug a glass of Beer, to Diplomacy!

= =
Did I forget one? Remind me.

= =

Woopwoop! In honor of Kayla's party tonight, lol.

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