Monday, January 4, 2010

Abandoned Hotel in Kent

WooHoo! First abandoned building of the year is a hotel in Kent that I've been meaning to explore for a while now, but since me and Sarah had been sitting around doing nothing but watch Veronica Mars for DAYS now - we felt the DIRE need to get up and be active.

I first noticed this hotel, oh, I want to say a little over a year ago going to a Circle K thing. It looked abandoned then, and it still looks abandoned now. Tons of rooms, and it's connected to a convention center. Sure it was 11 degrees out, but I figured I'd better "mark my territory" so to speak.

A view from the side, it was a square with the middle boxed in. We figured we'd better avoid the outer ring if possible, as there were two Very-much still active hotels within eyes sight. The doorways on the right let us into the center which featured:
The courtyard. Some trees, a pool, a hot tub, a pool house, and a connection to the convention center. I'll take this moment to point out that my blog is meant to supplement my Facebook pictures, so none of those are on here and none of these are on there (or so I am to do.)
Here we have a better view of the pool, the western inner-wall of rooms...This F*$%IN shard of metal kept scratching against the floor in the wind! It was the CREEPIEST SOUND, very annoying, but added an awesome eerie feel to the place which was already, as implied, abandoned. Also annoying was a smoke alarm in one of the rooms that was going off, but no fires in sight. I hate when people go to abandoned places to light them on fire, that takes the exploration awesomeness element out of it.
Almost all the rooms were locked, and I try to avoid actually breaking anything at these places if I can. I go for the exploration, and the occasional memento, not to let loose my inner vandal. Here the pool chairs are stored in a room. Oddly, half the rooms looked like they were made and ready for guests, the other half like they'd been slept in and not fixed.
Inside the pool house. Nothing special in there, the 11 degree cold had gotten to me and Sarah by now. Nothing much seemed to be left inside.

This suite had a table that appeared to have evidence of McDonalds and a box of tea as the last meal enjoyed in there.
Okay, this one's creepy! I was looking through the pics, snapped on of inside the boiler room -- look closely at the junk on the right. WOah, faces! Creepy! There's an ugly woman on a picture on the right, visible on the Facebook pictures.

One of the rooms which was unlocked had a really creepy poem inside it. This is most of it, there was more with a picture of a tree below this, and some more inside the closet. But this kinda gives ya the gist of it.
And here's part of the restaurant window in the convention center, the tables still have used napkins on them. I'm always weirded out by the state of places that seem like people just up and left. Weirded, in a good way!

Song of the Day: "Top 25 Pop Remix" I believe by "Yonkis Com". The other day on the way home from Barley House (after horrible service, over priced food, and the longest wait between refills you'll ever see in an empty restaurant...) there was a remix of the top songs of 2009 on the radio! I went searching for it, and I found this - I'm not certain it's the same thing, but regardless I like this! It's mainly the beat of "I Gotta Feeling" mixed with all the popular songs of 09 that I listened to, like "Loves Knocks You Down", "Boom Boom Pow", "The Climb", "Poker Face", "Love Story", "My Life Would Suck Without You", "Halo", etc. Haha, its basically a remix of my song-of-the-day's for the year.

Quote of the Day: Haha, after watching the entire season 1 of Veronica Mars (which I got for Christmas) with Sarah - I've got a couple quotes from the first season I chuckle at I'll include.

"It sounded like a falling body. It really freaked me out."

"Would you describe the sound as Hitchcockian?"

- Veronica, discussing the noises upstairs with Keith

"Meg, you're the last good person at this school. I'd believe cartoon birds braided your hair this morning."

- Veronica to Meg

"You should have consulted me first."

"What did you want me to do, consult you in pig-latin? He was standing right there!"

- Sheriff Lamb and Keith, after questioning a suspect

"Would it be weird for me to start my own drinking game? Like I have to do a shot every time someone asks for my help?"
- Veronica to Logan


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