Friday, December 25, 2009

The Loot

Morning boys and girls, Christmas in my house was not as bad as I'd worried! Mom got the presents right for Sure this year! (By actually shopping for the stuff on our list, surprising but its a method that works...) I made off with the list that follows!

1. "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Book about Lincoln's cabinet that inspired Obama to select his cabinet. Number 1 New York Times best-seller!

2. "Rated R" CD by Rihanna. Woohoo! I've been hoping to buy a Rihanna CD, I don't have any yet. Listening to it now, looking for a song of the day.

3. "Star Trek" (new Movie) 2 disc special edition DVD. WOOHOO! Watched the special features already! Glad no one tried to get me the Star Trek movie without the special features, cause that puts me in an awkward position of "well, I want the special features, but I don't want to buy a second copy..." which is why if you're going to get me a DVD, try to be careful about Special Editions. Errr, DVDs, always come out with a special edition the day after ya buy it! I hope they don't have so many releases of Blu-Ray's, cause I'm gonna start buying those soon to stock up for when Blu-Ray players drop in price to affordable range. (As happened with DVD players between 2000 and 2006. Dropped from like 400$ to 70$.)

4. Veronica Mars complete first season! When the school year starts back up, totally watching that at CAing! I LOVE Veronica Mars, very entertaining, captivating, funny and intelligent show. Maybe I'll be able to get Sarah to watch the first episode with me...

5. "American Lion" by Jon Meacham. Another book, this one pretty widely praised about Andrew Jackson. The author was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last year. Glad to put this on my list of books to read!

6. "Contrary to Popular Belief: False Facts Revealed" - general useless information book, but still cool! Haha, I do love having these to go to when I have nothing to do and entertain me for a while.

7. "The Price of Freedom" by President Calvin Coolidge (published 1924). Antique book by a President *u* scoooore...

8. "Fear God and Take Your Own Part" by Theodore Roosevelt (©1916). Yay more antique books n.n

9. A snowbrush for my car! n.n it was the mysterious huge box one. They used like three phonebooks worth of filler paper o.o;; I told mom to promise me they'd recycle that.

Haha, at the end of the day -- what I really need is a new DVD rack and book shelf... Oh, also on the list was giftcards to Giant Eagle and American Eagle. And David liked his hat and game, mom got him more giftcards than me cause I got more stuff, and a bunch of books on learning Guitar. Mom seemed to like her pillow, but I'll believe it when I see her use it... and I've gotta take her to buy new clothes with the gift card I got her in a couple days. Between now and New Years I got a few more goals to get to:

Get some Circle K stuff done, get some College Dems stuff done, come back to Garf to clean the house some more, get David his license, and get Amanda her license already!!!

Ugh, well for the rest of the day I've gotta go write my rent check, and salvage mom's attempt at cooking chicken. She figured if she ignored a few ingrediants we didn't have it wouldn't be a problem. Hrrrmmmm.... :(

Site of the Day: Found this website, it's kinda interesting. A series of pictures by people who take record covers and mix them with real life, usually posing with it. (Link: Sleeveface)

Song of the Day:
Stupid in Love by Rihanna. That's right, got this off her "Rated R" CD. This one breaks my cardinal rule of music: DO NOT RHYME WORDS WITH THEMSELVES IN LYRICS! Top three pet peeves in the world, err. I almost picked "Hard", but I've heard that on the radio that'd be no fun. Awful lyrics: "This is stupid, I'm not stupid, Don't talk to me - like I'm stupid! ...I may be dumb, but I'm not stupid." ahhhh X_X Rihanna...

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