Saturday, December 26, 2009


Kinda like a carbon footprint, your eFootprint is the trail you leave on the internet just by interneting and doing whatever in modern times. If you're involved in really anything and not a hermit, you're name is probably on the internet somewhere. Well, I was googling my last name (as I often do, trying to find something interesting) and there's alot more about *ME* personally (googling my first and last name) than I have usually come up with!!!

Not so creepy: I'm in the University of Akron Honors College's magazine (or I was a while ago) regarding the Fred Eastman memorial scholarship. (LINK) I'm on page 2.

Not so creepy: An organization that promotes clean energy used a video they took of me asking why I support the Green Energy movement-y thing. I don't really say anything revealing or interesting. Visible below:

Pretty darn creepy: There are online flashcards to learn details about me. Not just me, but alot of Circle K members including Sarah, Mike, Patsy and Jen. (LINK to "All Flashcards") It's almost like someone's idea for an ice breaker gone public. Nothing too revealing I don't think, but googling my name and finding "Study up on ANDREW DeF. with our FLASHCARDS!" was kinda disconcerning. My tidbit is the harmless "I like Boys Like Girls and Fergie." In fact Mike's is the only one that begins to dwell more creepy than what you can find on the run-of-the-mill myspace in that he has type-O blood.

Everything else is stuff like pictures I've uploaded to Wikipedia of places I've gone (like the Zoo and Museums) and Mayors I've met, or my campaign contributions (which I believe amount to 219$ to Hillary Clinton.) Oh, here's the minutes from the Beachwood Board of Education voting to pay mom -- haha.

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Mike said...

That flashcard thing is weird ... they had to have pulled that information off of Facebook.