Monday, November 16, 2009


Omfg -- so Saturday was like, THE AWESOMEST DAY EVERZ! After the interview, went back to Garf to get some things from home (house was a mess. Stole some gummy bears from like a two pound bag on the coffee table. No toasters, thankfully.) Then went to Sarah's for a few, where my phone gave me a TON of troubles like zomg ><;; but then -- on the way into the car, I got a phone call (and it answered when I clicked answer! What marvelous technology!) And it was American Eagle, and I GOT HIRED n.n!!!!! ^U^ AHHHH! *u* I'm still excited about it. And I went in for training the next morning, 8a-noon. (There was quite a bit of schedule restructuring needed from CA-ing, but we managed to fix it somehow. Thanks hugely to Sarah.)

But went in for training, and signing of a confidentiality agreement :/ which means no state secrets on my blog I'm afraid. But anyway, that Saturday night -- got to go see the AP tour with The Secret Handshake, Mayday Parade, The Academy is, and others and it was a lot of fun and amazing! I Loved it! And I got to buy TSH CD which I've wanted, AND got the lead singer to sign it [Luis Dubuc] AAAND Got my picture with him [see next blog.] SO EXCITING! *U* I loved this weekend, it was practically perfect.

Song of the Day:
"Saturday" by The Secret Handshake.

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