Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seatbelts, Everyone!

OOOooooOOOooooooh my god! My shift just got better 20x fold! I have found websites with full Magic School Bus episodes on them *U* !! That's right, my life is complete! omg, the awesomeness! I've already watched an episode where the class learns about the value of air, and air pressure. (Picture of air-canon bus provided) Mrs. Frizzle: "As I always say, like air, my class works best - under pressure." (do-do-do-dododoo...)

Can I just take a moment to point out that everything I really need to know about how the world works I learned from the Magic School Bus? This is simply the most awesomest stupendous-est show ever - and was ABSOLUTELY my favorite show as a child. I swear to you - my inspiration for becoming a teacher is Mrs. Frizzle. I used to want to be a 3rd or 4th grade science teacher, until science got annoying and not fun any more (I trace it to about 5th grade) and I hated it, and my grades in it weren't as perfect as I'd've liked. But still, when I'm a teacher I want to have ties with historical signifigance to my lessons like Mrs. Frizzle's dresses, but it's not the same...

OMG! Now I'm watching the episode "Gets Charged" from the fourth and final season, a Valentine's episode where we see Mrs. Frizzle's house! Can I just point out a few awesome Frizzle-Factoids?
  • Mrs. Frizzle's mailbox is a school bus
  • Her house has a fountain, with a stone-Liz
  • Also a small pond, with a bridge over it -- the bridge appears made of gumdrops and bobbypins, just like the bridge to get across the toilet seat from the tensile strength episode!
  • Also a giant's beanstalk in the back yard (!?)
  • The house, in general, has porthole (ie: titanic style) ship windows, a giant wall-antfarm on the porch, a space observatory sticking out the roof...
  • Pictures on Mrs. Frizzle's wall: one of herself, one huge one of Liz, one of her mechanic friend from the joints/"builds a robot" episode, and her old college palentologist friend from the goes-back-to-Dinosaurs era, Dr. Skeledon. A bunch of random faces which are too generic, likely meant to be family members. This one looks kinda like Mr. Seedplot, Phoebe's teacher from her old school who had a crush on the Friz!
Haha, I LOVE THIS SHOW! Awesome, logical plan: Liz invites the class inside the house without Mrs. Frizzle's knowledge, while they try to fix the door bell. "Well, if we go inside, maybe we can learn how to fix the doorbell..." "Sounds like a plan to me!" Haha, yeah, that totally makes sense. Rationalize much? Also, if you saw from the pictures above - the website I'm getting this from appears to be Chinese, so I'm sure this is all kinds of illegally pirated - the Chinese love to ignore copyright laws.

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