Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's a Turkey Day Marathon!

No, not the kind I would be enjoying like say, a marathon of Magic School Bus episodes. A marathon like I would not enjoy, with the running. Pretty much until Monday I have a packed schedule, and that means very little sleep. But I should first appreciate the little happinesses of life, like how 3 of my 4 classes were canceled today! How awesome is that! Japanese, which pretty much had a 0 chance of getting canceled at all this semester. I love it. And my morning class was pretty interesting, got to discuss and watch a few scenes from the movie "Freedom Writers."

But my marathon: it's like 4:30, and I'm already dead tired from getting little sleep last night writing 2 papers due today (granted, one only had finishing touches needed, but the other was 10 pages!) Now I work 6-8 at Ritchie, then watching the most recent episode of Heroes with Sarah and likely getting dinner some how (most recent ep: "Thanksgiving.")

Then it's work 12-4am, find my way over to Grandpa's, do the whole Thanksgiving dinner some how and be back on campus by 6pm, to work for 6 hours straight x_X then work at American Eagle at 2am - 9am because our location opens at midnight on Black Friday. So I'm pretty much going to be running on redbull. After that I have to be back on campus at 10am, to work til noon, sleep a bit - then work on campus AGAIN 8-midnight. Then Saturday morning is Amanda's birthday lunch in Strongsville, and I am on call at American Eagle until mid-day where I have to go in, then work til 11 at night. And I also have to check my work schedule for Sunday onward. Blah x_X craziness...

For the next two hours I'll have to find something simple to entertain me, because I can't have my labtop. But the 6pm-midnight shift I can have it.

Interesting Junk of the Day: So one of my top favorite movies ever is Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and as we all know something I love is things that make fiction seem real. And THIS website is awesome!!! I haven't looked at it too closely, but will later at my shift. It's got prop info like the comic book and the "Star of Astoroth" -- I don't want to ruin the plot, so I recommend you either watch the movie with me sometime, or read the Wikipedia article. be continued...

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Patsy said...

I hate the Freedom Writers movie. The first time I saw it, I really liked it, then I learned she only taught for the two years that are on the movie plus maybe one more. If she could do all of that with all those students, she should have kept teaching for years and years.