Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dull Torture

I'm at the desk, workin job 1 - 6pm to midnight. I'm so tired from turkey right now x_x that and the whole wanting sleep in general. I actually got more sleep than I expected I would, thanks mom for actually cooking the turkey and not making me do it! Got to sleep in till like 11. (From 4am. Ish.) Anyway, I want to sleep - but Can't cause I'm at the desk! Add to that it's only 6:30. When I get off, I'll have enough time to hopefully get like Wendy's if they're open - if not I may drive straight to job 2. I didn't really compensate in my times for the traffic of Black Friday.

Anyway, an old friend commented on my Facebook status so I minorly Facebook stalkd them to see what they've been up to, and it said they (and one other of my friends) were a fan of "TFLN." I googled this, and found it stood for "Txts From Last Night." It's a "FML"/"MLIA"-style site of txts the sender doesn't remember from getting too high/drunk and laid the night before. It's been entertaining me for more than 40 minutes.

Still, not all of them are about sex. This made me laugh:
(650): We should be flying into LAX instead so when we land I can turn to the right and see the
Hollywood sign
(562): You can't even see the fuckin Hollywood sign from LAX. guess she never got the memo

Entertaining Image: Bored to death, rumor is Sarah watched an episode of Glee so I thought I'd give it a second shot. (I tried watching one ep, but fell asleep like 3 minutes into it during a shift.) Them mocking a girl: "she somehow dresses like an old person and a toddler at the same time. ...look, she's wearing a pantsuit."

Eh, my opinion on "Glee": having watched an episode now ("Hairography") - it seems way too much like a High School soap opera, very DeGrassi (and I've never even seen that show.) Nothing incredibly special. But ahhh x_x I can't stand the gay kid. His voice is like nails on a chalkboard, and he dresses like a crazy person. What happened to gay people having a good sense of fashion? Oh well, the show is good for a few quotes I suppose, I did get a few laughs out of it.

Lol, another entertaining image: From 30 Rock, Jack smells some flowers -- (the character is very republican) and on the table is a pic of him and Sarah Palin.

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