Monday, November 9, 2009

Change We Can Believe In

So, the other day I was in the mood to change the direction of my life in a few little ways. Most people took my facebook status "like Barack Obama said, it's time for a change!" to be a political reference to one thing or another, either Pres. Obama himself, or the mayoral race in Garfield Heights (Longo, mayor for 27+ years not running for reelection, his long time rival Wagner vs. Vic Colova. I personally voted for Colova after a ridiculous incident I'll talk about another time.) Anyway, it was actually a reference to how stressed I was last week and just wanted to change things up enough that life got more exciting. The hair is helping.

Also, after a fun weekend at MAC -- I've stepped down from the Circle K district board. Ugh, I am not too pleased that I was one of the spearheads opposing step-downs at Board Trainer -- but after half a year, it seems like my position is just another layer of unnecessary bureaucracy. I talked to people, and reassured them it was nothing personal - I just did not see the value of my position, combined with the stresses of school I don't think I could do what they were asking, and rather than have them ask me to step down in the future why not end the stress now. But I don't want to rant about CKI all day;

Introducing, the Dreamie! That's right, the snuggie that you sleep in! No, this isn't the "wtf Blanket" or the "Jesus Christ sponge" or some other parody, from the makers of the snuggie comes a sorry pathetic excuse for a sleeping bag for you lazy people willing to spend 19.99 on a BLANKET that costs practically nothing to make. Oy. You should go watch those parodies though, they're entertaining as heck.

Christmas Wishlist #9:

The Magic School Bus DVD: Holiday Special! First off, why is the Magic School bus not out on season-al DVD? There are 13 episodes a season, for 4 seasons - it'd be really simple! And there are practically no copyright issues to worry about, like say Mystery Science Theater or Cold Case would have to worry about. Regardless -- this DVD has my FAVORITE Magic School Bus episode on it, where they learn about recycling and accidentally un-recycle the bus (with their magic beam that turns things into a world where recycling doesn't exist.) Oh, btw's -- it's a MUSICAL! In fact, the first video I ever posted to youtube was from this. I'm sure it's like 19.99, I've never seen *it* in stores, but I've seen other MSB DVD's at Borders before.

Song of the Day: "Funhosue" by P!nk. First heard this song on the car ride back from MAC. This is one screwed up song, lol, I think it was just recently released, but it was highly entertaining. "Once a tickle, now a rash" -- haha, what great lyrics. "This used to be a fun house, but now it's full of evil clowns. I'm gonna burn it down."

Quote of the Day: HAhahaahahaha, so I just want to write down in cyber-history that this happened. So I was all bugging Patsy and Brit to go shopping with me while bored on Sunday. Brit ended up not answering her phone, so I just went with Patsy; and this awkward moment happened:

[Set up, originally brit was supposed to go with us, but couldn't. Driving by Fairlawn Mall...]
"So what kind of things are you shopping for?"
"I dunno."
A: "Hmm... I'm kind of thirsty. ..... .... OH! JAREDS! *quickly turns into Jared Jeweler's parking lot.*
P: *Experiences the fear of Andrew wanting her to help find a ring for Sarah* Uuuuuuuhhhmmm...
A: "Are you in the mood for something with Gummy Bears in it!" *parks next door to Jared's, at Coldstone Creamery.*

We then proceeded to laugh about this moment for like, 45 minutes while we enjoyed our Cake-n-Shake milkshake and whatever Patsy got!

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