Monday, November 2, 2009

Breaking News: Andrew to get WHITER

Okay, my original title was gonna be "It's Getting Hot in Here" but I changed the main topic of this blog. Just because the house heater is shooting down at me. I've moved now. Well readers, Fall is in full swing and prepare for winter - because you know how short Autumn and Spring are in Ohio. It does remind me of the funny image though, Kyuhun and Van der Kamp are not used to Ohio winters, so it will be interesting to see them react. When we went to Halloweekends, Kyuhun did not seem to be enjoying the weather in his huge winter coat. That was early October. HA, 40 degrees? Childsplay.

Blah, rooms still a mess. Now I got an hour and 15 minutes before I gotta leave to work out. Then when we get back - hopefully shower and dye my hair n.n! Woo, I've wanted to dye my hair white since 6th Grade. I remember helping Mr. Keshock move something on the first Monday of Summer after getting my hair dyed by the place on the Boulevard. It was blonde :( Then I tried again the next summer. Same thing. But I want white hair - if even just for a month or two while I'm in college, to get the experience! I mean, why not?

Alright fine - maybe no one has successfully been able to make white hair look good, but then I'll just be the first. I'll update'cha how it goes!

So I've forgotten what I do on Monday's between Japanese and working out with Sarah to watch Heroes (at the Rec center on campus. Sad, isn't it?) I started cleaning my room,... then stopped - and got distracted googling the Charmed Wiki. I used to be an admin there (as the only contributor) but then didn't go there for a long time. Someone else has taken up the administrator-ship, and seems to be running it. I really don't care, part of me wants to go back and take over, but I really have more important things to do with my life. Still - it's been a long time since I've watched Charmed, so the other day when I was home I grabbed Season 8 on DVD to watch some time.

Quote of the Day: (A black cat comes to the door, peeking in the screen. Everyone in the house: Aww! It later comes back.)
Andrew: (txting Patsy) "Oh no! What if Kat was turned into a cat and can't reach the door knob! :O"
(reply) "Did the other realm council punish her for trying to take over the world!?"

p.s. Me and Sarah have decided to name the cat Kat, for confusion purposes.

Song of the Day: "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. (disclaimer: the title of this song, and any lyrics there in bare no resemblance or relation to the Good romance I am currently in.) This song is just god awful enough for me to like it. This song has everything we've come to expect from Ms. Ga, as the Chinese news puts it "fabulously deranged vocals" - consisting mainly of her making strange noises, or talking about her and her ex/other(?) could write a "bad romance [novel?]" I believe. When I first heard this, all I could think was ... Wow. Music these days are crazy, but at least Gaga's something different (and boy is she ever) alot of the other ghetto-er songs are just the same old boring stuff. Can't wait to see the music video... and now for some choice lyrics:

Caught in a bad romance
Caught in a bad romance

Want your bad romance..."

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