Thursday, November 19, 2009

水曜日 Night

That's Japanese for "Wednesday" (Suiyoobi.) So I have a bunch of work to get done, and I haven't really gotten any of it done, but not for lack of trying this time. The CA before me at work stayed for like... 50 minutes after his shift ended just kinda chitchatting. Then I've been trying to get this stupid video to embed in a power point for Ed Tech. Now I'm kinda relaxing, even though it's already 2:34 and I have a bunch of things to get done by 3:45! Iie! (That means "No!" in Japanese.)

So, if I made a list I think I'd really see all the crazy stuff I need to get done in a day, and do get done in a day. Tonight at work I have to: write this blog, respond to a bunch of emails for Circle K, convert a video as previously described for Ed Tech, then I want to organize my Psych folder a bit so tomorrow night it will be easier to write the final paper. Then tomorrow I'm really busy - got Ed Tech in the morning at 1:45, then going to Grandpa's for dinner some how (gotta call him at some point), might try to hang with Kim in some way, not sure how that would work, and at 7:00 is Safety Walk with Student Government. Oh! Gotta call AE for my first schedule -- AHH! n.n. And I'm sure there's other stuff to get done I haven't even thought of ye-- DANG IT! I totally forgot my clothes in the washer some more.

So on top of daily things to worry about, I have more long term things I need to get to. Like I want to go explore something abandoned soon - something I haven't done in quite a while, but I want to do some more before it gets too snowy. Also I need to figure out where I'm living next school year. I haven't come up with an exact plan yet, but I know I don't want to live in the basement place I have now - I love my housemates, but living under party girls who move furniture nightly is annoying. I just am not incredibly happy with the house, and don't want to think back saying "I lived in the dorms, and that house." Though, under plan A that's still the case: living back in the dorms. I may apply to be an RA or DM, people who manage the dorms for the most part. I wouldn't even care about living in Honors if that were the case. In fact, other dorms may be funner. But I'd be happy to be in the dorms again n.n -- still some investigation into that to do though.

Quotes of the Day: LOL! So Sarah had some issues getting her peas to ring up, and hit the wrong kind (she got "sweet sugar peas" I think?") And the way the computer read the name quitmatically was hilarious.
"Please move your... Chinese Snow Peas? To the belt." - Giant Eagle automated register.

Also, in Exceptionalities, Laura was talking to Autumn about something which led to people who never come to class.
Laura: "Like it pisses me off Pat R.'s never here!"
Autumn: "Who's Pat R.?"
Laura: "He sits over there- SEE! YOu DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO HE IS! CAuse he's never here. Excellent Question!" [Pat R. walks in] "WHO IS PAT R.? Oh, he is." [hides face in folded arms on desk as we laugh a bit.] (last name omitted of course, but used in actual conversation.)

Song of the Day: "Last Song" by The Secret Handshake. YAY! I'm glad I bought this CD, even if Sarah is already tired of it. Never having heard any but like, 3 of his songs - I like most of them. And their my favorite band of the week definitely. I love the beat to this song. Takes about 13 seconds into the song before the opening oddness is over.

Oh right, and the motivation for writing this blog:

Hilarious Video of the Day: "POV: Girl Buys Condoms." HAHHAHHAHa, CollegeHumor which occasionally produces something good came out with two videos - POVs of a guy and a girl buying condoms. The guy one is only somewhat funny, but the girl one is far funnier. So please go watch it!

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