Sunday, August 23, 2009

Touched by 'Angels and Demons'

Rather than take advantage of the fact I get to sleep ridiculously in tomorrow morning, I am staying up late doing stupid things on the interweb :?

So ...Saturday night, saw Angels & Demons with Kayla and Sarah in the Student Union theater, and it was actually an awesome movie! Good suspense, writing, dialogue, acting, idea, effects! It is ten times better, IMO, than the recent Harry Potter and Transformers combined. (Both combined, btw, would probably be about 3 days long...) The plot twists even had me going "Wow!" and they made sense too! My favorite part about it was that it actually promote the Catholic church, without doing so in a preachy way. I cannot IMAGINE why any catholic would boycott this film, or make any fuss expect tell everyone to go see it -- this film did more to promote the Catholic church than the church has done in my lifetime. In an age when most people of rational thought question the larger churches only to be scorned for doing so, most people I know turn away from religion for the most part. With certain exceptions of course. But even my mom had to stop going when there was a sermon on how to vote in the 2004 election.

I won't get into a rant. The official Vatican newspaper even noted, regarding the film's making Catholicism look good rather than bad: [they] called the film "harmless entertainment," giving it a positive review and acknowledging "The theme is always the same: a sect versus the church, [but] this time, the church is on the side of the good guys." Lol. At one point in the movie, I even said "I'd convert to a church that...[described the Catholic Church in the movie.]" but I can't tell you or I'd ruin the ending.

OH! In other news, I am out of my "Pokemon" week phase and am now temporarily obsessed with "The Real World." Haha, I've watched the first three episodes, and the 9th, of the current (22nd) Season. We're already picking people that remind us of each other and ourselves, I'm the black girl - lol.

Okay, off to my first day of school tomorrow, two classes, one with Kim and Kayla, the other is Japanese! WOop Woop!

Quote of the Day: "tickle-me-pissed" - like tickle me pink, when someone says they are so pissed about something but display only utter happiness. (Sarah made this up, used to describe the Real World.)

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