Friday, August 21, 2009

Nothing Exciting

Been too busy doing nothing lately to really post a blog unfortunately. But to summarize, I've been moving things (veeeery slowly) into my off-campus house in Akron. Attended the Presidents Retreat at Akron, for Presidents of all the student organizations on campus. That was not incredibly productive, but I went :P Also have 2 shifts scheduled, I'm gonna need to find another one though. Hey Ed Boyd of Garfield Heights is on this Tri-C commercial! Yay Garfield Heights.

Haha, so I've been in a Pokemon mood lately - playing the old pokemon game on my gameboy and making those fun references I'm so known for. The other day, me, Kyuhun, Van der Kamp, Sarah, Panda and the Akron-ers went to "Mike's Place" restaurant and then played Laser Tag. Laser Tag was a lot of fun! lol, and for the last of 3 rounds we [well most of us] picked Pokemon names, lol. I was my favorite Pokemon, Bulbasaur then some people were what, Vulpix, Squirtle, Eevee, Jigglypuff. Haha, oooh pokemon...

So on my to-do list is, among other things, is planning Spring Break 2010! After watching "The Real World: Cancun" the other day, it reminded me of the time I watched "From Justin to Kelly" about Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson's really bad singing-dancing over spring break romantic musical, considered one of the worst movies of all time. Why is Mike of Dirty Jobs advertising Ford dealerships? [Update: Never mind, seems he's been doing it since 2006. Darn, my 0 button is starting to stick.]

Anyway, so it's my job to find out where to have the 2010 Spring break. Cause it's gonna be awesome this year! ><;; I'll be 21 n.n I think my next post, if I do it when I think I'll do it, is gonna be on my Spring Break research. Oh, history error of the day: Aunt Linda asking me about "Parker Rose" for my Alabama trip. I was of course very confused until I figured out she meant "Rosa Parks."

As for spring break, hint hint: I'm researching locations based on this season of "The Real World."

Random picture of the Day:
Random guide to Women, thanks to How I Met Your Mother.

Song of the Day: Yeah, this is kind of a waste of a song of the day I suppose, but Kid Cudi's "Make Her Say". For all intents and purposes, its Poker Face again by Lady Gaga. But it also features Kanye West. We've been calling the song "Poke Her Face" (the main lyrics) but I guess that's not the actual name. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to reference other recent pop songs...

"Hold up... Born In '88...
How Old Is That...
Old Enough.
I Got Seniority, With The Sorority
So, That Explains Why I Love College
Getting Brain In The Library Cuz I Love Knowledge"

{another lyric}

"She Said She Want Whatever She Like
But You Gotta Bring Your Friend
And We Can Have One Hell Of A Night
Through The Day
She Blamed It On The Al-A-A-Al-A-Alcohol"

Quote of the Day:
"She's out of his league."

"He's not even in a league, he's just a kid with a bat and a ball and a football helmet..." - Charlie regarding his brother on Two and a Half Men.


Patsy said...

I own from Justin to Kelly, but I think it's still at home. We can watch it sometime for Spring Break inspiration.

Mike said...

>Cause it's gonna be awesome this year! ><;; I'll be 21 n.n

Pssst ... drinking age in Mexico is 18.

Also, your Random picture of the Day reminded me of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog. Have you seen it? If not, you MUST. The next time you have something like 47 minutes to kill (such as midnight CAing), go to and click the Watch It Right Now button. You can thank me later. :)