Monday, August 24, 2009

The Nightmare

Woah. I think I had my first legitimate nightmare - good morning Andrew's Blog fans, I woke up at 9:36 am on my first day of classes after going to bed at 1:30 am. So since I'm awake and my first class is at 12:05, I think I'll detail it for you.

Set the scene: I was driving on an icy highway, it was getting dark, and apparently I was on my way to Grandpas. Not just icy either, it's really bad snowy but not currently snowing. All of a sudden...
I see a couple aurora borealis' in the night sky! Freaky! So I think I'll grab my camera from the glove compartment. Not large ones like this, but little waves that only exist for a second and not a bunch at once. I go to grab my camera from the glove compartment, which is brand new by the way!!!, and take pictures while driving (eek.) The road gets particularly bad, and since almost no ones on it I deside to pull over to take the pictures.
Having pulled over, there are three cops walking past cause also near where I pulled over was an accident. One of the cops was played by George Clooney! (lol, cameo on my TV show b a celeb! Nice!) The complained about foreigners driving, while my attempts to get a good picture failed.

Then the details get murky, but something about the aurora borealis doesn't seem right. Next I know its day time, there's no snow anywhere, I"m getting off at an exit for a redneck town with a boatshow at what used to be a stripmall. Turn around, opting not to purchase any homegrown corn, and get back on the highway. Once again, next I know I'm home -- but not really. It's my house, but there are two giant LCD Tv's on the wall next to each other and I guess it's the house of technology freaks. The two tech freaks, one resembling the ugly guy from Jurassic Park: Lost World (pictured below)......talks about how the Aurora Borealis did something in the world, don't remember the details, but he tries running some computer program after explaining that people on the internet have been talking and they don't like what they think. When suddenly his screen goes black and has huge green writing on it, and he shows a map of the world as he's typing vigorously trying to save his computer - because, as the map then shows, someone is turning Off the Internet across the planet! Anyway, the nightmaryish portion then ensues when the screen is taken over by whatever (my instinct is aliens, lol) and shows like, airplane diagrams...

Just Like those! Only, it's a video, of those airplane diagrams killing people in various, bloody, ways, occasionally altering gravity a little bit. (Like, the diagrams killing other diagrams, not the diagrams coming to life. But the instinctive feeling was the aurora borealis would in some way make that happen on air planes!) Like, people pushing seats up til the crush the person in front of them, or ramming their head repeatedly into windows til one smatters, or kicking people so they float in a straight line at the door which then opens. It was pretty graphic, considering I have primarily of G-rated dreams I think.

So, this is my interpretation of the origins of some of these elements: First, the airline diagram I got off a joke website, but it is a parody of the real diagram you get in your seat telling you how to safely respond in an emergency. This one is full of jokes. The stripmall, perhaps, may come from the fact yesterday I did a double take when the schoolbus parking lot was being used as an antique cars show! (While typing this, that came to mind at the exact second for some reason.) Oh, the airline thing obviously cause of my flights this summer. The Aurora borealis may come from the other day I watched the first episode of Digimon on VHS cause I was sitting around at home in the mood to do nothing, and in the first ep, weird weather (like snow in summer) and aurora borealis leads to them getting sucked to the DigiWorld. Don't ask me about George Clooney or Dinosaur guy. But the thing does remind me of Signs.

Or even more so of the new show this season "Flash Forward" where the entire human population faints for like 3 minutes or something, I dunno, the comercials look kind of interesting. (My least favorite writer from Star Trek is one of the creators >>;) I dunno! You feel free to interpret my dream and tell me what it means. Hopefully its not precognitive, like the woman from Heroes, cause this summer I def don't want us all killing each other if the internet died.

Song of the Day: "Not Fair" by Lily Allen. Found this on one of the CD's Amanda made for me. It's apparently (though didn't realize this til after I liked it) about a girl whose boyfriend is great and nice and awesome, but lousy in bed. Haha, that music video is strange... designed to look like a 70's TV show I guess.

Quote of the Day: "Mint WHORE!" - Sarah to Brit, after she asked for more mints at Olive Garden; this was WHILe the waiter was still right above us - lol.

"Ya know what, I'm over it!" - Girl on The Real World who's crazy, Ayiiia I think.

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Sarah :-D said...

That's so cool!!!! I mean not cool, cause it was a nightmare but I LOVE having dreams that have a plot. lol OK, so here is my in depth professional analysis:

First of all your biggest fears are driving on icy roads, rednecks, and aliens. Soooooo basically, the world is trying to tell u that if ur having a bad day, an aurora borealis will show up and make it better. BUT if you get distracted from the task at hand (aka driving and trying to take pics) bad things will happen.

~A special guest will soon star in the tv show that is your life.
~You will never drive like a foreigner.
~One day, you will have a boat.
~You suck at taking pictures. Not really, but maybe u just have really bad luck w/cameras... which you do!

~The homegrown corn stand def came from driving around looking for that... AWESSOME cemetery. lol
~You're subconsciously afraid of Kat turning your house into a technology central.
~The guy from Jurassic park is trying desperately to make a comeback in the scary movie scene and found a way to pop up in dreams!
~Oh, another worse fear: losing the internet.

Ooooooooo, and then the interesting part! The rest of it was like The Happening. That movie freaked me out. But anyways, u will discover the existence of aliens and they will try to scare you away w/ images of death via airplane (Since they have done research and come to the conclusion that Americans are generally afraid of planes) But you will get out of it in no time, cause ur sense of adventure and urge to merge is just too great!