Monday, August 10, 2009


Sure ICON was half a week, but I don't like doing back-blogs (covering things a week old) so I'm going to condense the story. The Ohio district of Circle K (represented by about a dozen, mainly District Officers) went to Birmingham, Alabama and long story short -- we got everything we wanted to get done, done! Jason Stewart of Wooster, Ohio was elected International CKI President! WOO! 54% I think, and then 14% No Confidence, and 32% went to Alex of Florida. We also got the Vice President we wanted, and practically all the amendments we wanted to pass passed. Granted, one of them we negotiated on due to a mishap on an amendment from last year!

But yes, overall the trip was alot of fun! Spent alot of time making fun of things with Katie and Clay, and often Kat. (I always manage to form groups wherever I go.)

[ be continued...]

Quotes of the Trip: I played catchphrase in the Alabama presidential sweet (they were hosting) twice, and it was a TON of fun! I made some good friends in that room. And it of course produced some awesome quotes, lol.

(I don't remember the word, but a previous clue had something to do with a knife so it was fresh on our mind.)
Alabaman asker: "Something you kill someone with..."
Everyone: "Knife...gun"
Katie (at same time): "Chainsaw!!! Hanger!!! Wire!!!"
Everyone: *pause to awkwardly stare at Katie* (XD!!!)

(next one, same Alabaman actually. We already guessed the first word "Body", second word...): "When someone goes on a killing spree, they call it a ___."
Someone eventually guesses: "Massacre! Body...massacre?"
Alabaman: "YES!" *pass to me*
Guy looking over her sholder: "...that says body massage."
*everyone cracks up*

Song of the Day: "Knock You Down" by Keri Hilson featuring Ne-Yo and Kanye West. This song was trapped in my head a buncha times over my Alabama trip. I like that they say "OMG!" in the song, lol.

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