Sunday, August 16, 2009


Ya know, considering the number of things that went wrong (in hindsight) my day was actually going very good for most of it. The weekend in general even. Got my housing stuff straightened out, the key to the house, and now all that's left is to move my stuff in (a bed - in particular.) Had dinner at House of Hunan II (the first one is still missing somewhere...) which was cool, got to see Erin and Will and Dan who I haven't seen in a while! (Kat I saw at ICON, kinda ruining the "welcome back Kat" theme for me.) But it was cool.

Today went shopping at WalMart for some house stuff. Bought my two favorite parts of the house so far: a boat painting to put above the couch at Goodwill, as a reference to the Simpsons! (Pause: Haha, sorry, got distracted looking at Google Images of Simpsons couch gags to illustrate my point.)
Hahaha, it shall be awesome! Marge actually said in an episode that she painted that boat painting. Which is why I love the really tiny canon-point in the movie where above their bed in Alaska is another boat painting signed "Marge". Anyway: so yes, now we have a boat painting! And also the Dollar Tree had die-cuts of things for Teachers, and Patsy found me one of Mt. Rushmore and the 4 Presidents on its' profiles: Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and: TEDDY ROOSEVELT! omg, I can't wait to Put Teddy's head on my door. Best Dollar Spent Ever.

Back to the Simpsons. So while googling for an image of the boat painting, I found This Awesome Blog from 2007 of somebodies. I hope with this shout out I'm giving him or her, they don't mind me taking a pic or two to show you because it's AWESOME! Back in the 90's as a promotion for The Simpsons, they recreated the Simpsons' house in Henderson, Nevada. I've never seen too many pics of it done (save a few shots on a special features feature on a Simpsons DVD) but this blog has some cool pics of it!


Song of the Day: Hm, well, the song 96.5 plays appears to be "I'm in Cleveland Trick" - which isn't actually a song. It's, first, a bowdlerized form of "I'm in Miami Bitch" -- and then it's a 'the artist came to Cleveland and recorded a slightly different line that they now use cause they think they're awesome." So God only knows what the real song is like! But I digress.

So "I'm in Miami Trick" by LMFAO is what I'm gonna go with. Okay, so I guess they wrote that song a year ago and its just popular now. Add to that, their music video got removed from Youtube for Nudity. They released another version of the music video, buts its boring and not at all popular on Youtube; rather some kids from Montana made a version which has way more hits than the actual singers' video. Now THAT's entertaining! The video itself is not all that entertaining. ...haha, one of them remind me Sean actually.

:/ its so entertaining actually it outspaces on my blog the whole reason I like this song, which is the awesome line that gets stuck in my head all the time:

"Anna wants it bad she's got some big kahunas
But I say I'll be back gotta get some more Coronas..."


Perk of Having Housemates: I came home this morning to them making waffles!

Word of the Day: Ricest: a person who claims one color of rice (ie: white rice) is better than another (ie: fried rice.)

Random Pictures that entertain me:
Teddy Snow-sevelt!
"Cartoon Wars"
HEEELL NO! They didz not just use Teddy's ghost (or perhaps he's beaming in, it's not clear) to support SARAH PALIN! Muh' f**kers! They also manage to ignore the fact that he served also as Assistant Secretary to the Navy, a famed Colonel in the Spanish-American War, Director of the U.S. Civil Service, and he was in the New York State Legislature.

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