Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Burn Out

Lately the car has a little coolant light that is on for the first minute while I'm driving, but goes off every time. Still, I'm thinking I probably need to add more coolant. Yet, I imagine the car overheating just on my way down the street, the engine getting explosively hot and smoke/steam coming out of the hood like the stereotypical image. Aside from the car, that's how I've felt lately.

Too much is going on, my life is too exciting - wow, things I'd never thought I'd say. What I wouldn't give for a lazy day [correction: week] to sit around and do nothing, because no one can hang out, and I don't have anything to get done. They say jetlag lasts 1.5 days for every timezone change. I passed through, um, 12. Yeah, I've still been feeling the effects of the day of airports coming back from Korea, to top that off I've been hanging with friends too often screwing with my sleep scheduel. I stayed up all night the other day, I don't even remember why!? And spent the last three days camping in far less than perfect sleeping conditions. Even now, it's 3:25 am but I have packing to do for Alabama before I wake up too early in the morning.

I am spent, exhausted, I just want to relax. It doesn't help that everything going on is in fact quite stressful. Tomorrow (today) I leave for Alabama, to go to the International-Convention ("ICON") of Circle K. I've changed the plans slightly to shorten the driving trip, cause I need to get as much done in as little time as possible. But it looks like the plan is get something from Sarah's early in the morning; drive to Akron, deliver papers (because of ridiculous beauracracy slow-down issues); drive to Columbus; then probably drive to Nashville where I'm expecting we'll stay the night. Then it's off to 4 days of business attire fun (jk) in the sunny humid Birmingham, Alabama.

As for the camping trip, it went alright- the first day was a little stressful, but that was probably just because so many people with so many opinions it was hard to coordinate everything with everyone. Still, I think camping was a bit more roughing it than some of the others were expecting. But the second day went awesomely! Me, Sarah, Dan and Brit had an awesome time canoeing, randomly road tripping to Pittsburgh, and hiking through the woods! Aw, if only we could'a rented a horse for the horse trail! We ended up getting pretty much the most Primitive site on the parkgrounds, which was cool, but I would have prefered somewhere we could park a little bit closer to. The second day, we were the only ones in like our whole little camping-street! It was awesome :D

Mom vastly misunderstanding how exhausted I am, and how much actual important work I have to do: "So, have you had time to read [President Obama's] health care plan?"

Quotes of the Weekend:
"Give Brittany a flashlight, and... .......... .... ...."
"Your joke is set to expire in 5...3, 2, 1.. BZZT. Joke expired!" - Me
"Aw, Dam* it!"
- Sarah goes to make a joke about Brit, but finds herself at a loss for a metaphor

"Hello would you like to try our new Chocolate Latte Shake?" - McDonalds
"Uh, No thank you." - Sarah
... ... ... ... ... (two minutes go by)
"Hello?" - Sarah
"Hello." - McDonalds.
- Lol, oh man, Drive-Thru fail! They didn't answer after we told them no to something, and then were all happy and random-- forget to take our order much? We all had a good laugh about that.

Ross: "Yeah, your probably gonna need the hammer to get those stakes out, they're in there pretty good I mean they were able to hold the tent in pretty good with all that rain. Yeah, I'll get the hammer in a sec and take those out... {continues talking about getting the hammer, while Kayla, Jess and Sarah actually take the tent down. I then proceed to walk around the tent, pulling the stakes out by hand, before he's done talking about going to get the hammer.} - lol, that was kind of a funny thing.

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