Sunday, July 12, 2009

Seoul Survivor

(Survivor, Amazing Race, whatever...)

Haha, oh man coming up with these puns is fun sometimes. So in our final night in Seoul we went shopping. Our final day we went to the border of North Korea, then returned to Ulsan.

Shopping was interesting, I found the hanbok [traditional Korean clothes] I wanted - but it was [the equivilent of] 60$ and it was uncomfortable material. I did buy some hanji though (traditional korean paper craft) cause I think I'll make a scrap book of my trip! With all that free time I have :/

Song of the Day: "Every Girl" by Lil Wayne, ft. Young Money. This song is so bad, lol -- its about how he wants to f**k every girl in the world. (Unfortunatly I do not hear current music in the U.S. here, so I'm googling the US Top 40 lists. This is somewhere over 10, so I youtubed it.) Haha, this song is sooo stupid but kinda entertaining. "I'm about to get my Bill Clinton on, and Hillary could [Rodham/ride'm] whilst I get my pimpin on..." Wow, ya know Hillary don't get too many song mentions but good for her? HAHA, actually, now that I think about it - the only other Hillary song is also rap, "Grillz" ("got a bill in mah mouth like I'm Hillary Rodham...") But moving on. This song is ridiculous... "In about 3 years, holl'at me Miley Cyrus..." I just don't understand the multi-partner thought of polygamists or playah's. I have no such urge to fuck every girl in the world. I am quite monogamous, and would rather prefer the 1950's white picket fence family. Maybe I've been ruined by second generation of child-ruining media.

On a mainly unrelated note, Secretary Clinton is healing well from her surgery to fix her sprained elbow.
With official Department of State sling. (Haha, I find the patch entertaining. It covers up the brand logo of the sling to prevent free advertising.)

Cultural oddities: A majority of Koreans appear to be convinced the US is 90% Christian. Oh, I've been giving them the wrong figure I guess, based on my Wikipedia research just now. I've been saying 40% based on something Missouri-Danielle mentioned, but Wiki says the numbers closer to 76% in 2008. About 50% Protestant, 23% Catholic, 2% Morman, 2% Jewish, 1% Buddhist, etc. Hrm, I think I'd prefer Christianity to make up 40%. I have never liked how powerful Christianity is, because it dangerously abuses its power all too often.

There is *no* Cosmic bowling in Korea. And yet, their busses are something else...

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